Is Dan Barker Self Loathing?, part 1 of 2

I only imagined pondering the question due to the very fact that Dan Barker is that which he detests. He does not seem to recognize that he exhibits very same characteristics which he condemns in others. Perhaps self loathing is too great an inference (even conceptually) yet, hypocritical and contradictory most certainly fit the bill.

Spiritual Evolution and Godless Unitarian Universalist “Church”

In reviewing the book “Spiritual Evolution: A Scientific Defense of Faith,” by George E. Vaillant (psychiatrist and Professor at Harvard Medical School and Director of Research for the Department of Psychiatry), Marc Galanter, M.D., wrote: “George Vaillant…defines spirituality as ‘the amalgam of the positive emotions that bind us to other human beings-and our experience of …

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