Christian Apologetics

In Defense of Plantinga

Note: this was written by one of my fellow co-authors when I was posting to the Atheism is Dead blog: Though I haven’t been writing much lately, I still like to visit my old pals over at Debunking Christianity from time-to-time. 

Exclusivism, Part II: Is There Only One Way of Salvation?

To reiterate from Exclusivism, Part I (where we discuss whether only one worldview is true) a particular argument states that is that it is arrogant to claim exclusivity, in this case, that there is only one way of salvation. Of course, the atheist is not interested in soteriology (the study of salvation) or theology of …

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A Lie About Goliath?

Great Events of Bible Times is a beautiful book with consists of large glossy pages, various illustrations, computer generated geographical maps, photos of ancient artifacts and paintings. One of the book’s consultants is the well-known and respected Professor B. M. Metzger; George L. Collord Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, Emeritus, at Princeton Theological …

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The Non – Apologetic Approach

Allow me to offer this as an experimental concept. In our pop-culture society, which has chosen to base all its knowledge of reality on emotional subjectivism, we often find ourselves arguing rational and evidence against pure experiential emotionalism i.e., fact against feeling.