The Sam Harris Trivector

The Trivector consists of Sam Harris’ Messiah Complex, Pseudo-Scientific Complex and Eschatological Complex Messiah Complex: Sam Harris’ Messiah complex refers to his desire to establish a new religion. What is most fascinating about Sam Harris’ view on religion is that he complains that religion is manmade and thus seeks to replace it with a manmade …

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The BOBA Digest

Let us face the facts; every worldview has a bottom to its barrel where the murkiest of stuff dwells. This is an introduction to a new concept, namely: The BOBA Digest. The Digest will be a specific designate for us to post with regards to the very worst, the most malicious, the creepiest, most obnoxious, …

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Morality’s Reality

Atheists generally claim that morality is either derived form nature or is a human invention. This may be better stated as a human concept derived from nature through evolution. Deriving one’s morality from nature is a very dangerous thing to do. This natural morality would teach us that we are to fight our way to …

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