The following is a comment I posted to (in)famous radio personality and supposed hyper-exorcist Bob Larson’s video THE RETURN OF THE NEPHILIM along with some discussions which ensued.

Bob, if even part of God’s purpose for the flood was to do away with Nephilim (and their DNA) then your view of post-flood Nephilim (including a return of them) implies that God failed. The Bible does not teach post-flood Nephilim including no teaching that they will return—ever.

You say “in those days and also afterward, which means after the flood” but you have to add that to the text because it is not there. In fact, the flood is not mentioned for the very first time until 13 verses later—v. 17—and Gen 6:4 tells you exactly when those days and after those days was—and it was all pre-flood.

When you go to Deut 2:10 you do not seem to realize that you are moving the goalpost from Nephilim to Rephaim—likely because you are not realizing that you cannot chase the vague, generic, subjective and undefined English word “giants” around a Hebrew Bible. Thus, the text states that the Emmin were accounted as Rephaim: they were a subgroup of a main group.

You also say “these are purported to be photos of the remains of Nephilim” but we have no reliable physical description of Nephilim and so we cannot claim that they were even one inch taller than average.

Again, when you refer to “several references to Giants after
the flood” you moved the goalpost from talking about the specific Herbew term Nephilim to the vague English one giants.

Anakim were another Repahim subgroup, Og was specified to have been a Repha, Goliath was also a Repha.

You rightly refer to “the faithless spies” and say that they “opposed a good report of Caleb said of the inhabitants…” but fail to note that what they said is told to us to be an “evil report” which was self-contradictory and for which they were rebuked: why believe them? That, by the way, is the second and only other reference to Nephilim beyond Gen 6—part of the proof that they did not make it past the flood.

You claim “how these beings ceased to exist that’s what we don’t know” but we do: it was due to the flood.

You note “is that genetic DNA of the Nephilim still hidden in some humans currently prohibited by God from affecting humans today and will that veil somehow be lifted at the end of time and we see these demonic beings again cohabit with females” no, because there is not one single word about any such thing in the whole Bible.

As to “what the Nephilim have said to” you: nothing. When you say “Nephilim spirits, demons” you are buying into pseudepigraphical folklore since that is the only place you get the idea that demons are dead Nephilim, the Bible states no such thing. But, it is fascinating that you claim demons speak to you and you are going to tell us what they say since you believe them and expect us to believe them as well.

So, when they supposedly say “we are the Nephilim we’ll be back” you need to say, “The LORD rebuke you wicked lying spirit: God got rid of you, He did not and will not fail!” You later state, “we don’t build demonic doctrine upon demonic utterances” but you have done that exact thing.

That “such mingling would not be possible since demons are spirit not physical and thus could not have reproductive capabilities” is confused since it was not demons who mated with women but sons of God fallen Angels. See, you created a contradiction: you first claim that demons are dead Nephilim but then claim that “demons are spirits” and are the ones who mated with women—this would mean that demons pre-existed demons and demons fathered themselves.

You say “we know that good angels could appear as humans they even ate food in other words they’re assumed bodies did in some way relate to the physical world in which they appeared the spirit matter do seem to have some interchangeability” but the Bible never even hints that Angels assume bodies but since they are always described as looking just like human males (no wings) then we must conclude that they are naturally embodies in their own sort of flesh—ontologically.

So, you say “the Nephilim are an important part of Satan’s endtime plan, wow!” but the Bible states no such thing, only supposed demons told you such things.

1. “what verse in the Bible says that angels can make baby angels?…you don’t get that from the Bible” I guess not, not when you reject the ones that actually do tell you so, which are Gen 6:1-4 (again, check with Jude, who also correlates the sin of Angles to Sodom and Gomorrah, and 2 Peter 2).

2. “do angels have men’s private body parts…men’s private parts” well, every single time Angles are described in the Bible they are described as looking just like human males so why would they only be missing one key part of the male anatomy? (again, check with Jude and 2 Peter 2).

Now, a certain “No Matusi” replied:
Gen 6:4….There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

I, Ken Ammi, replied:
Indeed, and since that does not refer to the flood, he inserted that comment into the text.

No Matusi
It refer to the flood of Noah. The giants where before the flood and after the flood of Noah.

Ken Ammi
But friend, you quoted it and it does not say anything about the flood so be careful to add to it. The flood is not even mentioned for the very first time until a full 13 verses later (v. 17) and v. 4 tells you exactly to which days is it referring, “in those days; and also after that, when” what, when the flood came?
No rather, “when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them” and when was that? Well, v. 1 tells us “when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them.”
Thus, Nephilim were around when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and thereafter since they kept doing it but the flood brought an abrupt end to it all—it was all pre-flood. Did the flood have anything to do with Nephilim?

No Matusi
Read the book of Enoch. That is where everything is written.

Ken Ammi
There is no such thing as “the” singular “book of Enoch” since there are more than one and one of them claims that he wrote over 300 books. You are referring to 1 Enoch aka Ethiopic Enoch (which contradicts the Bible): see my book “In Consideration of the Book(s) of Enoch”:

“No” did not reply again.

Mark Galavan commented on the video thusly:
Mind blowing realities of scripture. The cosmic chess match continues… (ellipses in original).

Ken Ammi
Friend, he did not resent realities of scripture but confused himself by moving the goalpost from the Hebrew “Nephilim” to the English “giants” and not realizing that 99% of post-flood references to “giants” are to Rephaim.
What he did was to present the pseudepigraphical Ethiopic Enoch and tell you to believe what demons say.

Mark Galavan
Not sure exactly what you’re saying. Please clarify. thx

Ken Ammi
Let us begin with that he admits that he claims that demons told him the truth and he is now informing us of demonic doctrines as if they were true.
Since he uses the term giants, he moves between references to Nephilim and Rephaim without, apparently, being aware that he is violating context.
And his identification of demons does not come from the Bible but from the pseudepigraphical Ethiopic Enoch and book of Jubilees and what demons supposedly tell him.

No more was forthcoming.

A certain “goldenjeru” replied:
Wrong. There are endless historical accounts of giants and other hybrids etc after the Flood with many living accounts today of giants and other hybrids especially from Indian tribal people

Ken Ammi
No argument, there but “accounts” does not necessarily mean actual-real-on-the-ground existence. Same for today’s “living accounts” including those from Indian tribal people who are clearly expressing memories of encountering Vikings–tall, White, red haired and all.
But recall that my focus was Nephilim who were hybrids but of an unknown height (assuming that by the vague, generic, subjective and undefined English word “giants” you implied something about height).

Ken Ammi Rephaim means giants and ghosts because when they die as unsaved their souls/spirits become demons/devils/ghosts. Rephaim are mentioned multiple times in the Bible

Ken Ammi
Friend, Rephaim are mentioned multiple times in the Bible indeed, but the only reason to claim “Rephaim means giants” (which it does not–and whatever “giants” means, I can think of 5-6 definitions) is because some of them were tall/of great stature yet, subjectively so when compared to the average male Israelite of those days who was 5.0-5.3 ft. When you say it also means “ghosts” (which it also does not) you are actually thinking of the root word “repha” which has a range of meanings from “heal” to “dead,” etc. That “when they die as unsaved their souls/spirits become demons/devils/ghosts” is not Biblical and, in fact, it is not even apocryphal folklore.

And that ended that since golden did not reply.

See my various Nephilim and “giants” related books.


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