Bill Nye “The Atheist Guy” on “overwhelming evidence” that “proves there is no afterlife”

Sebastian Kettley wrote an article titled Life after death: Bill Nye says ‘overwhelming evidence’ proves there is no afterlife for the UK’s Express site.

Note from the outset that as an Atheist, Bill Nye can only demand, appeal to, and insist that we should base out views on evidence or proof as a subjectively emotive personal preference du jour based on hidden assumptions.

Thus, anything he has to say must be categorized at the “My dear diary, today I feel…” level of him telling us which ice-cream flavor he favors.

In part the article juggles that “most of the world’s religions claim to know the answer” and that “Scientifically, there is very little evidence” and that “some people claim to have caught a glimpse of the afterlife, having gone through so-called near-death experiences (NDEs).”

Bill Nye discussed the issue with, among other things, Transhumanism promulgator Michio Kaku, fellow Atheist activist Michael Shermer, and “former pastor” Rob Bell.

Kettley notes that as per Bill Nye:

…most people imagine life after death involves our spirits taking on an idealised version of ourselves from our past.

However, Mr Nye argued this is highly improbable because most people tend to die at an old age, making it unusual for the spirit to not resemble us at the moment of our death.

And most of the article merely reiterates this point with Kettley and Nye alternately stating, “it would be terrific if he could carry on living in the same physical state he was in when he was 23-years-old…But…the body ages and loses its capabilities…grandmother was ‘brilliant’ but…‘faded away’ with age…grandparents and parents who are not as sharp, certainly not as athletically capable or physically capable as they were when they were younger,” etc.

But as per Bill Nye, “the evidence for why I don’t believe in an afterlife” is, drum roll please, that “watching ourselves die is to me, overwhelming evidence that there is no life after death.”

Note what I noted about subjectivism, “to me” and also touches upon the subjective nature of evidence since that is “overwhelming,” mind you, “evidence” to him.

Also, it is a non-sequitur to jump from that we are “watching ourselves die” to that “there is no life after death.” In fact, the concept of “life after death” follows from that we are “watching ourselves die” since, of course, life after death comes after life, after this Earthly life is over, after we watched ourselves die.

But for him, there “doesn’t seem to be any reason to think that when you die, you go back to your optimum age at your optimum athletic ability in your optimum intellectual sharpness.” His view is something like that life after death is merely a linear continuation of this life along with its entropy.

But there is a reason granting biblical theology: God created us in His image, we underwent a fall, this fall caused the entropy that causes us to waste away yet, we can be redeemed.

We are not told at what age Adam and Eve were created but they were made with the instant ability to be cognitive and active: to know and to do.

Jesus gave His life at circa 33 yr. old. Thus, it would seem that there is an optimum age at which we would be resurrected: so that, for example, those who died as babies will not be resurrected as babies, those who died as decrepit elderly would not be resurrected as such, those who burned to death, who lost limbs, etc., etc., etc. will be resurrected to fit the temple of perfection after which they were made.

Bill Nye is quoted as stating, “Evolution, if it were an entity, doesn’t really care about you, man” which is a great point: Atheistic evolution, if it were an entity, only cares about survival in the here and now and, guess what, on Atheistic evolution the instinct to survive is as accidental as life itself.

He is also quoted as saying, “You had your kids, your genes are passed on and you expire.”

And then you wonder why so many Atheist women complain about being sexually harassed at Atheist get-togethers: they’re hanging out with males who actually believe that “You had your kids, your genes are passed on and you expire” and oh, by the way, there are not absolute ethics, no transcendent accountability or judgment, etc.

In short, I had it pegged from the get go and my conclusion was verified by his statements. He asserted myopic pseudo standards which are subjectively enough for him.

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