Bible meets high tech: 3-D “unfurling” technology used on burnt scroll & what resulted

In circa 600 AD, a fire at En-Gedi turned biblical scroll containing the first two chapters of Leviticus into the likes of something that Santa would leave in the stoking of a naughty child: nothing but a charcoal lump. Someone had the foresight, or something, to keep it and in 1970 AD archaeologists found it.

Well, there was nothing that could be done at the time as even handling it would likely destroy it. Someone had the foresight, or something, to keep it and now with modern high tech we finally read it.

University of Kentucky computer scientists and biblical scholars in Jerusalem corroborated on a method termed “unfurling” technology via which the letters are read with the scroll remaining as is: furled.
The high tech method will read traces amounts of metals within the ink and in the 3-D manner will be able to lay out its contents.

What are the results? Well, the fire was in 600 and the scroll dates to circa the first century AD. Note that the Masoretic text was ironed out (written) circa between 800-1,000 AD. Thus, we have a time gap of circa one millennia.

The results are that the scroll reads exactly the very same as the Masoretic text.

And so once again—as have happened again and again and again and again—we have even more evidence—more and more and more and more—of the accurate preservation of the text of the Bible even through the millennia.

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