Atheist claims “You. Can’t. Reply. Evidencing. The. Christian. God. More. Real. Than. The. Tooth. Fairy.”

The following short discussion took place when I posted a notification that I had published a post titled Atheist says I am not “as clever as [Richard] Carrier BA,MA,MPhil,PhD”

A certain GWBridgeUK commented:

You can’t even evidence the christian god-myth as more real than the tooth fairy.

Grow up kid. Get a better education. Ditch the belief in bronze-age Shasu-bedouin Arab wargods that you can’t show as real.

I, Ken Ammi, replied:

You positively asserted “the christian god-myth” so you must now prove it. What makes you think that I “can’t even evidence” God? Again (and again) “bronze-age Shasu-bedouin” is a genetic logical fallacy.


You. Can’t. Reply. Evidencing. The. Christian. God. More. Real. Than. The. Tooth. Fairy.

What do you struggle to understand?

Can’t you ask a responsible adult to help you with the big words.

GW followed up directly with:

Sorry, “responsible”, here means, “capable of being trusted”.

I know that you struggle.

Ken Ammi:

How does your worldview provide you a premise upon which to demand adherence to truth, logic and ethics? Note that without one your comments have been meaningless. Also, please look up “genetic logical fallacy.”

Not surprisingly, GW never replied again: my experience has been that Atheists generally don’t when they have to confront meta level issues that are inconvenient to their worldview.

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