Atheist claims “there’s no evidence of the existence of aliens or gods!”

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This discussion took place due to the video Aliens, UfO’s, and the Occult.

I, Ken Ammi, commented
Indeed, aliens, UFOs, and the occult always go together–and they go together with a one world government and religion. I wrote the book “Fifty Shades of Gray Aliens” from a Christian perspective:

Nicolas Camilo Cruz Avendano replied
Bro, could you please translate for Spanish your books? Grace and peace.

Ken Ammi
Amigo, el problema es como hacerlo.

I was telling him that the problem is how to do it but stay tuned since that might be in the works.

Brother Johnny chimed in with
Ufo sightings doesn’t have anything to do with the government or the occult!

Anonym Ous followed up with
Not really!

Ken Ammi @Brother Johnny
What makes you say so?

Brother Johnny
there’s no evidence of the existence of aliens or gods!

Ken Ammi
I suppose I will ask “so what?” and note that since you claim to know that “there’s no evidence of the existence of aliens or gods!” then you must be omniscient and since omniscience is a traditional characteristic of God then you must qualify as a god and have disproven your own assertion.

Brother Johnny
since you believe so easily on things without proof or evidence then believe that i am a god! But not the amoral monster god of the bible please!

Ken Ammi
Friend, I see you are avoiding the issue. I asked “so what?” and you ignored it and implied that you have no evidence for your assertion. Now, you refer to God as an “amoral monster” so I will again ask, “so what?” and how does your worldview provide you a premise upon which to condemn being an amoral monster?

Brother Johnny
so what? Don’t you care what is true or not? And again there is no proof of any gods or aliens! Or is there? I want to know! The burden of proof is on you buddy not on me, you are the one making ridiculous claims without any evidence to support them! If you believe in your god then you are ok with genocide, misogyny, homophobia Etcetera! I’m not ok with that so that makes me more moral than your dumb ass god!

Ken Ammi
Friend, you are very good at avoiding issues that are inconvenient to your worldview and also good at being childish so how about we get beyond that, you have had enough practice.
Yes, “so what?” is something you have yet again failed to answer. You ask “Don’t you care what is true or not?” but that is a tu quoque logical fallacy and a way to seek to, yet again, fail to answer. Do you not wonder why you are incapable of relying to such simple questions?
Why I care may be different from why you care so I again ask “so what?” and “how does your worldview provide you a premise upon which to condemn being an amoral monster?”
You also fail to tell me how you know that “there is no proof of any gods” nor why that matters nor what such proof would look like nor why you refer to proof rather than evidence nor how you would examine such proof, etc., etc., etc.
I know that it is more convenient to be angry and childish but dealing with these issues deeply will serve you better in the end.
For example, you condemn “genocide, misogyny, homophobia Etcetera!” but note the one and only reason you give for that, “I’m not ok with that so that makes me more moral than your [*******] god!” so your premise is “I’m not ok with that” which is why I ask “so what?” you really think that your emotive, subjective personal preferences de jour are THE standard via which to judge all of humanity for all history in all times, places and cultures?
Consider how simple it is to refute you: you say “I’m not ok with that,” I say, “I am not the least bit concerned about your emotive, subjective personal preferences de jour” thus, you are done.

Brother Johnny
you haven’t refuted anything i said! You have failed! And I’m still not convinced! I’m done with you!

Ken Ammi
Well, you got the Atheist 101 memo: show up, make demands, ignore issues that are inconvenient to your worldview, bully people, and run away declaring victory. You have just evidenced the fundamental collapse of your worldview since you are utterly incapable of taking the very first step in establishing truth, ethics, and logic. You are merely such at the stage of the Atheist consoling delusion of subjective meaning in an objectively meaningless existence so you desperately seek subjective bits of meaning by, again, showing up, making demands, ignoring issues that are inconvenient to your worldview, bullying people, and running away declaring victory.

Brother Johnny
that’s what i thought! You have zero evidence to support your claims! You are the one that’s ignoring issues that are too inconvenient! like the bible allowing men to own slaves etc! Worshiping an invisible entity! I would call that a delusion! Why don’t you pray to your god to stop playing hide and seek! And remember this ken! Faith is not a virtue! Faith is gullibility!

Ken Ammi
Friend, I realize that the Atheist memo states that you should avoid issues that are inconvenient to your worldview even at the risk of utterly discrediting yourself.
In this case, you assert “You have zero evidence to support your claims!” when you have not, as of yet, justified your demand for evidence which would logically come first thus, since you have not taken step one, you cannot claim that I failed to take step two.
Thus, I am not “ignoring issues that are too inconvenient!” since we have simply not arrived at discussing issues such as what you claim is “the bible allowing men to own slaves etc!”: by the way, are you implying that it is wrong for an some accidentally and temporarily existing ape relatives to own some other accidentally and temporarily existing ape relatives? See, you have not even taken step one, you just show up and demand, demand, demand but I happen to not be intimidated and will not jump through your Atheists issue avoidance tactics 101.
You also appear to condemn “Worshiping an invisible entity!” but that is a half-thought, at best and one without a premise—see how it works now? You have to take step one before running down the hall with a bag full of Atheist talking points de jour.
You say you “would call that a delusion!” but you expect me to care that an accidentally and temporarily existing ape relative thinks it is a delusion, especially up against adhering to truth as an ethical and logical imperative which is something you have failed to establish? Since when is what you subjectively determine to be a delusion any sort of standard? It is because you say so? And what happens when I say “Well, I care not what you say?”
Why don’t you pray to God to keep showing His actions in your life?
When you say, “Faith is not a virtue!” you are again getting ahead of yourself by merely implying that we should be virtuous without telling us why nor why you are the one who decides what is virtuous nor why adherence to it is an imperative.
And when you say, “Faith is gullibility!” you discredit yourself again since that is merely a neo-Atheist talking point mis-definition: biblically, faith is trust based on prior knowledge.
Now, I realize that these facts are bothersome and will require you do to a lot of work which is why my experience is that you will do like the thousands of Atheist with whom I have interacted: you will ignore these fundamental issues, call me names, and run away to do the same to the next person in hopes that you can make them jump through your quaint Atheist talking points hoops.

Well, that ended it as no more replies were forthcoming.

See my books on Atheism and aliens and UFOs.

Fifty Shades of Grey Aliens.jpg


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