Are “The Quiet Place” aliens Enlil from the Atrahasis myth?

Pagan mythology tends to feature generations of gods. In the Akkadian/Babylonian Atrahasis tale, we find the old-school gods chillin’ while the younger generation did all of the hard work.

A certain Enki gets the bright idea to create a worker class of beings—humans.

Now, this part of the tale plays the major premise role in Ridley Scott’s movie Prometheus since Atrahasis has the creation of the workers as being accomplished via We-llu aka Llawela offering its own life so that its flesh, blood, and intellect were molded into clay, brought to life, etc.—see my book A Worldview Review of the Alien and Predator Mythos Franchise.

As it turned out, we were put to work and all was well—at least from the gods’ perspective—but then we continued reproducing and became more numerous and, here’s the key, too noisy.

The problem was that poor little ol’ Enlil, king of the gods, couldn’t get enough night-night-shut-eye-sleepy time and so sought population reduction via plagues, etc.—what a big baby!!!

I thought of this whilst watching The Quiet Place movie’s sequel. Therein, aliens either crash or land or crash-land on Earth—we really don’t know anything about their origins at this point—much like Jesus said about Satan, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” (Luke 10:18).

One thing that struck me is that the danger in the movie’s mythos is that these aliens serial and mass murder humans. Yet, why that is, is also not really known.

They react to sound (they have overdeveloped hearing organs), this alerts them to where humans are, they attack, and murder.

But they don’t eat humans—human corpses litter the landscape.

So why do they do it? We know not.

Yet, this is why I thought of the Atrahasis myth: the only thing we know at this point is that noisy humans drive them to murder—period.

Time will tell, if further movies get funded, as to who these aliens are and why they do that which they do.

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