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Someone says, “This Ken guy, he’s what you call an idiot”

Here’s another fun succinct discussion—that puts the fun in dys-fun-ction.
A certain Cas Lewis decided to post the following comment on my Facebook/Meta page:

This Ken guy, he’s what you call an idiot. At least learn grammar, dude. Also, Jesus never existed.

I, True Freethinker, replied:

Good day, I pray I find you well. The statement “This Ken guy, he’s what you call an idiot” is incoherent since it’s a jump to a conclusion of an assertion.
A cogent comment would have been “This Ken guy, he’s what you call an idiot because ____________” and then fill in the blank.
As for “At least learn grammar, dude” well, that’s another of the same issue and, FYI, those of us for whom English is a second language and who suffer form some form of dyslexia prefer empathy but I realize that some people are just saturated with hatred.
As for “Jesus never existed”: since that’s a positive affirmation you must prove it, please do so.

Did you note the irony that when referring to dyslexia I actually wrote “form” rather than “from”?

Cas Lewis replied:

YOU have to prove it.
I get you about your other 2 points, but you have to prove a positive, not a negative.
Just google “Jesus never existed” and you get some interesting information.

True Freethinker:

So, you got caught making an incoherent jump to a conclusion of an assertion, failed to make a cogent comment even when called out on it, and also made a positive affirmation “Jesus never existed” that you’re incapable of proving.
You then say about me, “YOU have to prove it” but how could or would I prove “Jesus never existed” since I don’t believe that?
Just read my three books on historical Jesus issues and you get some interesting information:

Cas Lewis:


Yes, that’s literally how it went and I’m unsure what to make of it other than there are reasons for focusing on issues and not getting emotionally upset.

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