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William Lucas on Deep State and Ancient Origin of the Cabal

William Lucas authored a book titled, “Deep State and Ancient Origin of the Cabal” which features an image on the cover along with the words, “The Cabal or Illuminati.”

It could really do with some consolidating since it reads like a rant. For example, for any one statement I quote, he actually repeats the statement, peppering it over and over and over and over, throughout the book.

Referring to a modern channeled book, Lucas writes, “The Urantia Book states that beings from a higher universe came took plasma from the most advanced humans and made superior bodies for those sons of God.” Let us pause here to note that by sons of God, he is referring to humans since, as he puts it (many times), “The Bible often calls men and women sons of God; see Hebrew 12:6-7.”

Well, that is being myopic and is a case of that which I term the canergois fallacy: can ergo is—since it can be the case ergo it is the case. Yet, his context was that which I term the Genesis 6 affair and so it would have been better for him to consider the Old Testament context of, for example, Job 38:7 which has sons of God as being non-human beings—as is the common usage of the term in the Old Testament (whether it is bene ha Elohim or ben Elim, etc.).

William Lucas follows with, “Lucifer rebelled, and of the 100 sons (Anunnaki) that came, 60 rebelled along with Lucifer. They were the ones that had children by humans; their descendants were known as Nephilim; their bodies were made with human DNA.”

So, he has basically just swapped sons of God/Angels with Anunnaki.

He adds that, “After they sinned, the Tree of Life was taken from them.” For one, he has sons/Anunnaki who, “rebelled along with Lucifer” but the Biblical timeline is that Lucifer rebelled and the sons rebelled later—with some level of prompting from him, sure, but not at the same time (Rev 12).

All indications are that Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden before having any children, the Genesis 6 affair took place, “When man began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them” (Gen 6:1) so it could not have been that, the Tree of Life was taken from them” since it had been previously been kept from being accessed by stationing two Cherubim at the entrance to the Garden so as, “to guard the way to the tree of life” (Gen 3:23) so it was a done deal by the time the sons can around.

Yet, what is that to him since he claims of Adam and Eve, “They were not the first two people on earth…it would have been impossible for them to have been the first two people on earth.”

Lucas proposes a fallacious, inaccurate, and anachronistic tale about this, “the sons of God…live indefinitely if they took the tree of life, just as Adam and Eve…After they rebelled, the tree was taken from them, and they would surely die. When the leader of this group realized they would surely die, they were ordered to start having children. Before this, they were not allowed to have children until they had ordered.”

He claims, “Genesis 6:4 says those descendants of the sons of God became men of renown. After thousands of years, they became the people that attempted to build The Tower of Babel; this is the first megalithic site recorded on earth, and they were the only ones on earth that were advanced enough to build such a site.”

Lucas notes that Gen 6:4, “emphasize the male sons of God had children by the daughters of men.” Yet, he also wrote, “I read someplace the reason because all the angels were known as female.” Well, I am as unsure as he is as to what is being referenced as, “someplace” but the fact is actually the 100% opposite: Angles are described as looking like human males.

Lucas appeals to, “Genesis 6: 4 where it says: ‘There were giants (the original word was

Nephilim the King James version) in the earth in those days; and also, after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.’ Did you notice the giants were already here when the sons of God went in unto the daughters of men?”

No, what I noticed is that since the narrative is about the sons of God and daughters of men, their attraction, marriages, mating, and offspring, then I would not conclude that a very odd narrative indeed, merely throws in a contextually inconsequential reference to Nephilim—about whom nothing more is said.

Rather, the context of the narrative is that, “There were giants…Nephilim…in the earth in those days; and also, after that” as a result of, “when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them…”

Lucas claims, “The Jews changed the story to a flood of the whole world to suit their purpose when the Babylonians captured them in B.C. 597” because, “The Hebrew priests had difficulty tracing the Jewish race back to Adam and Eve; as their task was impossible…So they falsified their history to trace Abraham to one of the surviving sons of Noah.”

He knows this because, “The Higher Beings state in The Urantia Book that the tale of Noah and the universal flood was an invention of the Hebrew priesthood during the Babylonian captivity.”

So, based on a channeled assertion, he makes an assertion, and now he can also comfortably assert post-flood Nephilim since there was no flood or the flood was local.

Yet, the flood’s scope is irrelevant to Biblical Nephilology since they either did not survive because the flood was global or because they lived in the flooded region.

Interestingly, he writes, “The contradictions between the Bible and The Urantia Book, we must do a careful analysis of the story of Noah and the Ark as told in the Bible” rather than, the contradictions between the Bible and The Urantia Book, we must do a careful analysis of the story of Noah and the Ark as told in the The Urantia Book. Thus, we see his bias: the Bible must be the problem, and it must be the problem because it contradicts a channeled text from many, many, millennia after the Torah—and because it states what he wants to hear, what will allow his grand narrative to appear cogent.

His attacks upon the Biblical text are misguided, at best, “it would have been impossible for four men

to build a boat that would carry two of every kind of animal in the world” but just like Noah, himself, is told to build it, there is no indication that only one man or three built it.

I have no idea where he gets the idea that, “a person would not have been able to see from one end of the ship to the other,” nor how that would matter.

He asks, “How could Noah and his sons procure enough food and water to last two of a kind of every animal in the world for ten months?” and subjectively informs us, “the whole story sounds ridiculous. How could the Western world believe a story like this for so many years and call themselves intelligent human beings? I know some will say that for God, all things are possible. We must stop using God to wiggle our way out of our stupidity. We must stop letting others use sorcery on us; we must be under some spell to believe some of these stories.”

This is after the very first line of his book’s, “Dedication” reads, “I dedicate this book to the spirit of God within me, and to humanity. One Corinthian 3:16: ‘Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?’” So, the Bible is accurate only when he agrees with it. Also, he really needs to, “do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1-6).

Part of the issue is that the typical animal (and human) reaction to cataclysmic weather (or just severe storms) is to hunker down and not be very physically active which dramatically reduces the need for what would otherwise be an average caloric allotment—this also cuts down on the level of waste that is produced. Besides, anyone undergoing such an endeavor would board smaller animals, younger ones that eat less.

Well, that was it, those jejune points are enough to opt for a tall-tale from a modern channeled text.

Yet, he also asserts, “The legend of Noah and the Ark is a story told in the third millennium B.C.E….the Epic of Gilgamesh.” Now, B.C.E. refers to Before Common Era and is just a scholarly manner whereby to refuse to even make any reference to Jesus since B.C.E.  denotes the same exact date as B.C.Before Christ.

The legend of Noah and the Ark is a story told in the third millennium B.C. because it was an actual event. Such is why ancient cultures around the world relate the same event: whether it later came to be called myth or legend, or not.

Yet, fascinatingly, William Lucas wrote, “The Urantia Book claims…When the severe floods came, only Noah’s family survived.” Thus, by besmirching the Bible in favor of that text, he ends up in the same exact place where he started and did not advance a single inch—yet, he moved back a tremendous distance by opting to besmirch the Bible.

Since, “only Noah’s family survived” then Nephilim did not.

Yet, since he appeals to any text from any time by anyone that will say what he subjectively prefers to hear. In fact, he wrote, “I have recently been studying the Emerald Tablets of Thoth—The—Atlantean, and with my knowledge of The Urantia Book, I have discovered some fantastic facts putting the pieces together for me; they are facts.”

He decides to take us in the direction of that, “From the stories found on clay tablets in Sumerian ruins, one can conclude that the Jews fabricated their history years after leaving Egypt as slaves.”

Thus, appeal to the Urantia Book for that it was, “an invention of the Hebrew priesthood during the Babylonian captivity” or the Sumerians for that, “Jews fabricated their history years after leaving Egypt as slaves”: it matter not as long as the Jews are said to be corrupt.

From that standpoint, the line of dominos collapses, “many Bible stories are made up….David and Solomon’s vast empire are just stories created by Jewish authors…a global flood is physically impossible…” and on it goes.

William Lucas asks, “If a worldwide flood destroyed all but one family in the Middle East, as reported in the Bible, how did other cultures know there was a flood? It’s reported that as many as 500 different cultures worldwide have myths and traditions of floods. How would the people know there was a flood in their region if everyone was destroyed?”

Well, it is precisely because a worldwide flood destroyed all but one family in the Middle East that other cultures know there was a flood. Post-flood, humanity lived in relative proximity until the Tower of Babel event, after which they dispersed. They took with them what was then commonly known and shared history, which later, with time and telling, came to be called myth and legend.

And he knows this because he goes on to write, “Genesis 11:8 said they scattered.”

Lucas ends that particular section with, “So says The Urantia Book.”

As he progresses, he says about those that scattered, “After thousands of years, the ones that stayed in Mesopotamia became the people of the Land of Nod, where Cain found his wife.” Yet, that is anachronistic since Cain absconding to Nod occurred quite a long time pre-Babel. Yet, he claims, “we all must realize the people of the Land of Nod, were here thousands upon thousands of years before Adam and Eve, they were the descendants of the sons of God who became the men of renown” which is just a mish-mash of timelines since, of course and again, the sons of God married and mated after Adam and Eve’s children began having children.

Also, note that he wrote, “the sons of God who became the men of renown” but he is confusing the sons of God with their Nephilim offspring who are they who became the men of renown (Gen 6:4).

But I suppose, why let chronology get in the way of a good tall-tale—especially when Lucas has a “second Garden.” At one point, he writes of when the, “Garden of Eden and Atlantis was no more.”

Moreover, “After many more years of mixing with the people in their environment, including Adam and Eve’s offspring after The Book of Enoch warned them not to” referring to a Bible contradicting folkloric text from millennia after the Torah, “They became the Aryans, the ones Hitler tried to discover” and, “The Sumerian language, though virtually lost to the world, was not Semitic; it had much in common with the so-called Aryan tongues.”

The direction in which he is going is to identify, “The Cabal or Deep State…The Cabal (Nephilim) or children of the Land of Nod.”

He notes, “Recently someone posted on FB and asked if anyone thought the Cabal could be the descendants of Nephilim. I said they were. They have been trying for thousands of years to keep their bloodline pure and hide their origin.” Well, such a concept is fallacious since they did not make it past the flood—in any way, shape, or form (lest God failed).

Interestingly, he asserts, “They are the descendants of the ones The Book of Enoch warned his people not to associate with. And they were the offspring of the sons of God of Genesis 6:4, who had children by the daughters of men, and became men of renown” the last point of which contradicts his previous error.

What is interesting is that there were no physical post-flood Nephilim in The Book of Enoch (1 Enoch/Ethiopic Enoch) so he undermined his own tall-tale.

He relates folklore from Enoch stating of Noah that when he was born, it was noted, “this baby was as white as snow and resembling the sons of God of heaven” and something about, “This is the kind of stuff the Vatican has hidden away in their Library; they don’t want us to know” which makes me wonder how he knows that. Yet, it is always convenient to assert that lack of evidence equals evidence: since we do not have the data that is hidden away then what we merely imagine it may be, must be true.

Likewise with his assertion, “That is why The Book of Enoch was taken out of the Bible, it exposed the Nephilim.” Thus, or so goes the (il)logic: Enoch was taken out of the Bible because it exposed the Nephilim even though Nephilim are in the Bible. He noted, “I guess the Nephilim or Cabal didn’t want anyone to recognize them; the Book of Enoch Identified them” so credit goes to Enoch, not to the Bible, and he does not get a post-flood Cabal of Nephilim post-flood from either one.

Also, there is zero indication that, “The Book of Enoch was taken out of the Bible,” that is just an oft repeated myth.

Lucas continues with that, “The Nephilim invaded Europe.” Now, he circles back to, “The Urantia Book claims those sons of God…rebelled with Lucifer…attempted to build the Tower of Babel” and after, “they scattered…the ones in Mesopotamia…became the people of the Land of Nod, where Cain found his wife. And many more years of mixing with the people in their environment, including Adam and Eve’s descendants, they became the Aryans…A small group at the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers maintained more of their racial integrity. They persisted for thousands of years and eventually furnished the Nodites [which Lucas interprets as Nephilim] ancestry which blended with the Adamites to find the Sumerian peoples of historic times.”

Oddly, he wrote this, “‘There were giants (or Nephilim) in the earth in those days; and also, after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children unto them some became mighty men that were of old, men of renown.’ Please pay attention to the section where they said after the giants they went in unto the daughters of men, and those children became the men of renown.”

Well, what I paid attention to is that it states nothing about that, “giants…went in unto the daughters of men” but that the sons of God did.

He goes on to say of, “Nephilim; they were ‘Hell’ on earth. You can check the Bible to see the problems they cost the people of those times [Numbers 13:30-33] also [Deuteronomy 2:10-11].”

Yet, Num 13:32-33 is just recording an “evil report” by utterly unreliable guys whom God rebuked and Deut 2 does not say a single word about Nephilim, it is about Rephaim.

It is asserted that, “Nephilim…are mixed all over the world” and, “guess what we call the Nephilim descendants today, yep, Cabal or Deep State. Throughout history, they have caused havoc in the Middle East and Europe. I’d never heard of the Kazazian [sic.] Mafia until recently. Some believe they are trying to eradicate all Abrahamic religions. The only religion they want on earth is the Babylonian Talmudism, known as Luciferianism worship. The evilest people on earth. Here is additional information about them. ‘The Rothschilds are not Jews; they are in fact, Kharzas… [sic.]’”

This is based on the utterly debunked myth that claims just that: Khazar Jews are not real Jews.

William Lucas quotes, “Armageddon Apocalypse End of World Blog *** Intelligence news

update from the Human Homo-Sap” from July 11, 2017 which claims, “The Phoenicians who are the snake bloodline Nephilim descendants mentioned in the Bible” yet, of course, no such thing is even hinted at in the Bible whatsoever.

The claim is that the snake bloodline Nephilim descendants (whatever that means), “moved through Europe and became the royal families and current-day congress parliament, Hollywood celebrities, corporate leaders, billionaire bankers, media leaders, school leaders, feminist leaders, polic [sic.] leaders, intelligence agency leaders, presidents’ prime ministers, and 34 million Illuminati family members in the U.S. They are the Baal Molek abortion clinic and Baal Molek Pizza Gate spirit cooking pedophile cannibal child sacrifice ritual Nephilim descendant feminist witch race Illuminati Luciferian Satanist descendants of the Draco reptilian ‘Predator Alien’ chimera ancestors.”

Wow, that is a drink from the conspiratorial hot-button key-words firehose!

Thus far, we learned that the Nephilim cabal are, “the Kazazian Mafia…Kharzas” who are, “The evilest people on earth” about whom we are then told are, “The Nephilim from the Middle East invaded Europe thousands of years ago; they were the first white race…” and we saw the reference to the, “baby was as white as snow” Noah (so, now he was a Nephil?) and these, “Nephilim descendants are mundane materialistic beings and mostly appear to be Satanic worshipers.”

So, this really led to the Jews as literally Satanic enemies of humanity in more than one way and even if Lucas does not realize what he is saying since his data points range from valid to tall-tales and the manner whereby he connects them is even more problematic.

On his view, “The evilest people on earth” claim to be Jews but are not.

In reality, he still really is claiming that they are Jews since they really are.

Yet, overall, he is identifying them as a group of White people.

Now, there is a reason that in my book Nephilim and Giants As Per Pop-Researchers, I included a chapter titled, “Nephil Kampf” and that reason is that I discerned a patter whereby post-flood Nephilim believers somehow end up claiming a form of Lucas’ all-encompassing conspiracy theory and end up claiming that we need to take up arms against them.

One of the most dangerous aspects of this is when the claim is that literally Satanic (in worship and genetics, in a manner of speaking) can be identified because these half-human serpent/demon, etc. creatures look exactly like human beings.

William Lucas ends up encouraging us, “We need to work together as evolutionary humans and bring down the descendants of the Nephilim whose been trying to keep their bloodline pure for thousands of years; there are many more of us.”

Moreover, “they have been putting themselves off as a European white race all these years. The Urantia Book called the Cro-Magnon race the blue race. People need to wake up and recognize

the real enemy. The Nephilim don’t care about anyone, but themselves and have been fighting for years to keep their bloodline pure. People, everyone, NEED TO WAKE-UP. THE CABAL KEPT ALL THIS KNOWLEDGE FROM US HUMANS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS.”

Until, that is, William Lucas came around. His styled messianic complex is to the point that he wrote, “I had to share this knowledge even if it cost me my life. I believe it’s too important to keep to myself.”

Lastly, he notes, “The descendants of the Nephilim have duped us…conned many of the human races to believe those stories were nothing but myths to hide their identity. Now that myth wants to rule the world.”

Yet, within this circle of research, that there has ever been any sort of post-flood Nephilim—in any way, shape, or form—is the myth that wants to rule the world.

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