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When someone asked, “Do Christians believe in immortality?”

Such was a question which launched the following discussion.

Patrick Enmonsiast commented

“We don’t have any great descriptions of it.” Right, because it’s make believe! He’s just making stuff up & she’s like, 🙄!

I, Ken Ammi, replied

And if he’s making it up, does it matter on your worldview–and if so, how/why?

Patrick Enmonsiast

It absolutely matters, because I for one want to believe as many true things and as few false things as possible. So I’m not willing to accept claims without evidence. When authority figures, like this guy, or my fellow citizens, insist on believing things without evidence and then dare to use those beliefs to make decisions that can affect me — like the way they vote or legislate — then I think that is worth identifying and opposing.

Ken Ammi @Patrick Enmonsiast

Friend, please note that I didn’t ask if it matters to you but “does it matter ON YOUR WORLDVIEW”?

Thus, when you parrot Matt Dillahunty you expose your worldview just as he did his: it’s pure subjectivism, right? You said, “I for one want to”: not “we” nor “must” or “should” or “ought to” but that you have a subjective personal preference—again, I asked about your worldview but you replied about your preference on the level of telling me which ice cream flavor you prefer.

Thus, you can’t mix such utter subjectivism with “It absolutely matters” since you, in essence, collapsed any absolutes.

You then follow utter subjectivism by artificially inserting some sort of merely asserted universal imperative to reject, “believing things without evidence” merely as a jump to a conclusion without telling us how or why, on your worldview, we are to only believe in things based on evidence.

Have you really never thought about the implications of your worldview and actually incorporated them into your thinking and assertions?

Isovapor2112 chimed in with

All gods throughout human history are man made creations. There is zero evidence for any god ever that can be proven or reproduced. Nothing is immortal. You are here on earth. You will die. You will never come back to life in the body or spirit. There is zero evidence for the afterlife. It is all make believe. Man made delusions that modern educated humans still unfortunately believe. Cheers!!

Ken Ammi @Isovapor2112

Friend, that “All gods throughout human history are man made creations” is 1) a genetic logical fallacy and 2) a positive affirmation you must prove.

That “There is zero evidence for any god ever that can be proven or reproduced” seems to mean that you consider yourself omniscient, or something—you’re certainly more militant than Bertrand Russell and Richard Dawkins.

Note also that you started with a conclusion when you merely implied that basing our views on evidence is some sort of universal imperative but how is that so, on your worldview?

You then just list a bunch of mere assertions.

And you leave us with “Man made delusions that modern educated humans still unfortunately believe” without bothering to tell us what’s wrong with (alleged) “Man made delusions” in the first place: do you always just jump to conclusions which you merely assert?

Well, perhaps the question I posed are instructive even if they weren’t answered.

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