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Matrix Disclosure’s article “Forbidden History – Ancient Giants – Gods and Kings”

The Matrix Disclosure site published an article titled, Forbidden History – Ancient Giants – Gods and Kings.

The article’s author wrote, “Were the fathers of our father’s giants…they were…very large in size…giant men…ancient giants.”

The first on which focus is put is Goliath, the reference to whom is prefaced by, “The Bible often involve giants: Nephilim were semi-divine beings. The King Og had an iron bed 6.7ft by 14: he would be at least 12ft tall. Goliath, the gigantic rival that King David brought down with his sling, was 9.2ft tall. In Rome about 235, they said the Thracian Maximinus Caesar had an 8.6ft skeleton.”

Let us review:

From the context, it would seem that the claim, “The Bible often involve giants” is meant to imply that unusual height is oft noted in the Bible—which, by the way, is not the usage of the vague, subjective, generic, and multi-usage modern word giants in English Bibles.

Nephilim: we have no reliable physical description of them.

Og: we have no physical description of him until folkloric tall-tales form millennia after the Torah. To merely assume that we can know his height from the size of his bed is to jump to a conclusion based on various assumptions—see my book The King, Og of Bashan, is Dead: The Man, the Myth, the Legend—of a Nephilim Giant?

Most reliably, Goliath was just shy of 7 ft.

As noted in my book Nephilim and Giants: Believe It or Not!: Ancient and Neo-Theo-Sci-Fi Tall Tales, that tall-tale about Thracian Maximinus Caesar is just that: a tall-tale.

Thus, where are the giants?

Well, the article goes around the world providing examples of claims of giants and includes this chart:


In my Believe It Or Not! book, I devoted an entire chapter to examining that chart, including interacting with museums, and the score is that it is 99% unreliable.

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