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New book, “Hollywood Aliens and UFOs, 5th Showing” by Ken Ammi & Charlie Robinson

My new book, “Hollywood Aliens and UFOs, 5th Showing,” subtitled, “Star Leaf Contact” has been published.

It contains a contribution from the Macroaggressions podcast host Charlie Robinson.

It is vol. 5 in my continuation of worldview-philosophy based reviews of movies featuring alien and UFO themes is the showing with a subtitle that is meant to emphasize movies wherein whether contact was actually made with aliens is a somewhat open question.

You can get it at Amazon but it is always best to support independent authors by purchasing directly from them so, you can contact me here and I will offer you a discount.

“I’ve learned to undersell it
and let people think it’s one thing,
a stupid ET Weed film…”
—Richard Cranor


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