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The MAAGE: Masturbatory Argument Against God’s Existence—yes, really! 2 of 10 | True Freethinker

Herein I continue with a series, the segments of which you can find here, replying to the MAAGE: the Masturbatory Argument Against God’s Existence as proposed to me by a former “male stripper, adult movie performer and escort over an 11 year period” and sadly someone who “experienced social abuse problems and I suffered as a result of them.”

Here is my reply to him.


Thank you so very much for reaching out to me with your concern and very interesting information.

Firstly, my heart breaks for you as a young man. I cannot come close to relating to how terrible your circumstances where. I can also not relate in that I was raised 100% secular.

I must say that your email has me flummoxed at various levels and I suppose that I would first ask you if you are ok, if you are in a safe place.

Now, the main issue, the underlying issue, is that you are condemning 1. certain preacher’s concepts of masturbation equaling damnation, 2. then going on to condemn the Bible and finally 3. condemning the God of the Bible.

What this amounts to is that you are putting forth ethical condemnations and so my question is: upon what ethical standard do you condemn, upon what basis, premise or foundation?


His reply was as follows.


Hi (I didn’t catch your name)

It’s ok. When I come across teachings such as yours, I suffer flashbacks on occasion. This was one such occasion. I apologize in light of the fact that it is still getting to me, even though I know I have come so far past it. It isn’t good to completely lose control like that, but that’s a price I pay for being afflicted with autism. I have great difficulty in coming to terms with even the idea of your God actually existing, it is so unthinkable.

In the calm light of day, I am an atheist (with an extensive list of historical and scientific reasons for being so, far beyond the stance of the mere wishful.) Nevertheless, it still gets to me. I think that the idea of having a no right to your own thoughts – and no right to your own body under the threat of eternal punishment if you refuse to surrender – is the stuff of nightmares. You see, I could no more ‘repent’ for being sexual out of wedlock than I could for brushing my teeth (which is equally unnecessary for survival, but ‘addictive’ and can have negative health consequences if you don’t do it – just like masturbation.)

You asked me: upon what ethical standard do you condemn, upon what basis, premise or foundation?

This rasied a red flag for me. I addressed every one of those points in my article. My reasons for despising the Bible are:

1. Absurdity. (Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Christianity not only offers no evidence whatsoever for its outrageous assertions, it actually continues to be believed in the presence of overwhelming scientific, archaeological and historical evidence to the contrary. Your born-again euphoria is shared identically with those who worship Allah, Vishnu, Krishna , Odin, Thor, Zeus, Apollo and the African Ju-Ju.)

2. Immorality. (I’m only going by what the Bible endorses – Slavery, infanticide, genocide, animal cruelty, sadistic laws that the New Testament continues to avidly endorse such as bludgeoning unruly children to death with rocks, the objectification of women, the copious counts of divine-sanctioned rape and the all time number one wicked message – HELL!)

I derive my values, not from the rape and genocide-filled pages of the Bible, but from a rational consideration of the consequences of my actions in the light of my accountability to my fellow man.

You also began by accusing me of condemning the Bible because of how it had been presented to me by other preachers. EVERY Christian says this which is why I donated an entire paragraph to: Sometimes they simply blame other churches!

‘You’ve been victimized. We’re not like that.’

Well, that’s bull[****]! You’re all the same because you’re all reading from the same evil book. Let me ask you this – if I choose to live my life freely, without bowing down to this cosmic tyrant, without pleading for forgiveness for being how He allegedly me – what is going to happen to me after I die?

Don’t say: ‘It’s not up to me. It’s up to God.’ That’s a cop out that you cannot use because you endorse this same God, therefore you must go by what your Bible teaches.

I am happily partnered to a wonderful, loving woman. My issue with the masturbation and sexual doctrines in particular is – singleness. When one is single, the indefinate nature of it makes the sexual fantasy and masturbation prohibition the most sadistic form of torture known to man. And yet you claim that you worship a God of love to which many say this is pleasing??? I refuse to partake in it which is my right as a democratic citizen. I say again, according to your beliefs – what is going to happen to me after I die? Once you’ve reached an answer, look at it again and then try to find a way to tell yourself that this isn’t terrorism (and pointless and arbitrary.)

The idea that you can’t have a fulfilling sex life if you masturbate/ are sexual before marriage is ludicrous. Speak for yourself. I enjoy a sex life with my life partner without the need for the totalitarianism of ‘permission’ (marriage – another form of bullying and control.)

The bottom line is – THERE IS NOTHING TO FORGIVE – (but plenty to understand.)

Truly, I would rather never have existed than to have to live in a universe where your God is real and that’s the truth. Just know how damaging your religion can be to others.

Since you clearly missed it, I have pasted my article again:



And, yes, he posted the same circa 5 page article with which I began this series so I will not repost it here.



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