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Michael Shermer and the Greatest Miracle | True Freethinker

The greatest miracle has already occurred and that was the creation of the universe.

During his debate with John Lennox, Michael Shermer made some interesting comments about the universe’s conception. How does he propose we resolve the infinite regress which is set on its tracks by the assertions of a previously existing universe giving rise to the one in which we live? Michael Shermer proposes that the answer is found by inebriation. The lesson is that if you get drunk enough you can resolve the problem.

Certainly, his statement was surely stated with tongue firmly ensconced in cheek but I think that it does speak volumes and sheds light on his actual, sober, explanation.

There is something about appealing to inebriation that is reminiscent of the manner in which Michael Shermer actually deals with the issue. The realm of inebriation is the realm of limitless possibility; people develop “beer muscles” and can take on the world. They lose their inhibitions in search of anything that will (momentarily) satisfy. And besides saying, “I loooove you maaaaan!” the realm of possibility is wide open, “Wow maaaaan, what if…” “Yeah, dude!”

Let us keep in mind that in Michael Shermer we are speaking about Mr. Skepticism himself (or pseudo-skepticism as was hinted to in Expelled). Yet, when it comes to the origin of our universe he is left with, I suppose, the only thing that we have-theories.

Fair enough. Yet, he asserts, “It’s a little early in the history of science, only four centuries old, to say ‘We now know enough about everything to say, ‘It can’t possibly be explained by natural forces therefore, there has to be a supernatural force.” Thus, he considers the theory of collapsing black holes producing expanding bubble universes to be “one answer,” other answers being that we do not yet know.

Is this “one answer”? It is as much of an answer as theorizing that our universe is inside of a marble with which an alien child is playing.

Firstly, it is not an answer to merely invent assertions off of the top of one’ head. Merely piling materialistic stories upon materialistic stories about how thinks could have, may have (should have?) happened may be “intellectually satisfying” at some level or another but is no answer. Atheists tend to reject supernatural options that at least have some merit with material options that have no merit.

I wonder when “science” will mature. Perhaps someone could set an age limit-has anyone checked science’s identification card? He sets its age at 400 although it is millennia older. Perhaps he only considers “science” to be the materialist cooption of “science” which has increased to the point that some people actually believe that even though science has nothing to say about the existence of the supernatural, it disproves it. Some atheists oppose the supernatural based on methodology that does not deal with the supernatural.

Just when will science be considered mature, or over the hill-with regards to Michael Shermer’s claim that it is a virtual babe in arms? One thousand years? Two thousand? Two million? Fifty billion trillion quintillion? Just when will atheists allow us the privilege of coming to a supernatural conclusion?

Here is the bottom line: atheists commit the fallacy of expected future human omniscience. This is a faith based view based on worldview adherence. The argument is basically that one cannot scientifically or logically infer the existence of the supernatural until human beings learn everything that there is to know and everything about everything that there is to know-not until we know everything, how everything works, every cause for every effect and how everything interacts in every possible combination.

Meanwhile, atheists can give as “one answer” anything that they could possibly imagine. Where you to ask for evidence, that is easy enough: “scientists are working on it.”

The greatest miracle has already occurred and that was the creation of the universe. Just because this violated the atheists worldview and they go on to invent modern day cosmogenic myths does not change this fact.

Until such time as all of our deepest questions about life the universe and everything can be explained by absolutely materialistic means theism is the default position.