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Which Jesus?, Part 1 – Introduction | True Freethinker

This essay present a mere sampling of the many false Jesus Christs of various religious groups. When Jesus is not specifically mentioned I have quoted from their general concept of God.

In this regard, it may be interesting to note what the Barna Group has written:

Americans Wrestle with an Imaginary Jesus

The nature of people’s interacting with Jesus is a central focus of a new book by Matt Mikalatos, entitled Imaginary Jesus. In that story the main character encounters a wide variety of characters who claim to be Jesus, but who actually represent our diverse and ever-changing depictions of who we want Jesus to be and the roles we want Him to fill for our personal benefit. In his take on America’s theological confusion about their savior, Mikalatos gently and humorously exposes the errant views of Jesus that have undermined people’s perspectives about faith, morality, relationships and life purpose.

In his fast-paced, not-quite-true but not-quite-false story, Mikalatos provides a deceptively serious and significant inspection of how Americans’ views of Jesus and how we remake Him into our desired mold before we discard Him in order to move on to our next need.
Introducing us to some of the countless Jesus characters we fabricate for our personal use – ranging from “King James Jesus,” “Magic 8-ball Jesus” and “Testosterone Jesus” to “Free Will Jesus,” “New Age Jesus” and “Meticulous Jesus” – this wild ride pushes the reader to consider the relationship and communication we have with Jesus – the relationship that two-thirds of Americans claim to have firmly in place and the communication that three out of five Americans say influences how they live.1

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Part 2 – Eastern Mysticism: Krishna Consciousness / Hare Krishna Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – Transcendental Meditation Paramahansa Yogananda – Self-Realization Fellowship Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Baba Ram Dass – Hanuman Foundation / Lama Foundation Daheshism Krishnamurti – The Theosophical Society Eckankar

Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Church Universal and Triumphant

Part 3 – The Three Sai Babas and New Age: Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi Sathya Sai Baba Prema Sai Baba Western Yogi Christopher Hills Shirley MacLaine

Ashtar Command

Part 4 – Asian and Middle Eastern: Sun Myung Moon – Unification Church Reiki Gnostic Pantheism / Gospel of Thomas Infancy Gospel of Thomas Gospel of Judas Baha’i Faith


Part 5 – Islam and Nation of Islam: Islam

Nation of Islam

Part 6 – Aberrant Christian Groups: Jehovah’s Witnesses – Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society Mormonism – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Christian Science

Part 7 – Word Faith: Frederick K.C. Price Kenneth Copeland Paul Billheimer Kenneth Hagin Morris Cerullo Charles Capps

Benny Hinn

Part 8 – Miscellaneous: Unity School of Christianity Religious Science – Science of Mind Rosicrucian Fellowship Unitarian Universalism

Native American

Part 9 – Biblical Christianity:


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