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Sense 8 Netflix LGBTQ show | True Freethinker

Thus far, I have just caught just one episode of the Netflix show “Sense 8” so I do not know very much about it but can comment on that which I have seen and I have seen enough to know that I need see no more.

There were two references to homosexuality within three and a half minutes into the show which, minus the intro, is about one minute into the show. Oh by the way, no, the show is not about homosexuality but is supposed to be a drama/mystery/sci-fi. One issue is that, as per below, homosexuals know that this is an LGBT show but I did not know that and I watched the episode based on my interest in mystery/sci-fi although not so much in drama. Thus, many are sucked into the show based on a faulty premise and end up having homosexual propaganda and anti-Christian hate speech shoved down their throats.

The show is described by the Internet Movie Database as, “A group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world’s order.” This somehow ends up in a show all about the righteousness of homosexuality whilst encouraging Christaphobic hate speech.

By six minutes and thirty second another reference is made along with two references about just how bad Christian parents are. One of the point made is that pride is not a sin because, of course, the homosexuals celebrate Gay Pride and the Bible condemns both Gay and Pride so since the homosexual turns same sex attraction into a worldview they have to conclude that the Bible is wrong because they chose to carry out a homosexual lifestyle.

The triumphant moment is when a homosexual rejects her parents, rejects Biblical theology and announces her determination to march in a Gay Pride parade. Now, she feels even more prideful by thinking of herself as a martyr who is standing up not only for herself but for other homosexuals. Since she was specifically referencing Thomas Aquinas, she ends a bit of self-congratulatory monologue with “So, **** yourself Aquinas” and this, merely because Aquinas had noted that pride is a sin which it cannot be because our politically correct culture de jour commands that pride the celebrated.

The “she” who monologue, Nomi, was born a “he” and had a sex change operation aka sex reassignment surgery. Thus, a man because a woman and ended up with a lesbian sex partner.

Then, at just past t=11:00 the issue of a homosexual not being allowed to visit her lesbian sex partner is raised.
Within this context, a fictional movie is reference which is titled, “Love has not boundaries but death.” Get it? Since “Love has not boundaries” then homosexuality is perfectly acceptable. The movie’s male protagonist is actually a hunk of an actor and a big deal is made about the beautiful babe with whom he shows up to the primer. However, guess what, he is secretly a homosexual—oh no! He is secretly involved in a lifestyle that is literally celebrated by the throwing of parades and against which you can say nothing without risking losing your job, your business, your good name, etc. since we have no freedom of speech but fear of speech in this new McCarthy era…so, what is the problem, exactly, with him being gay?

Now, when a woman who is interested in him shows up at his residence and precedes to take her clothes of, he tells her that his heart belongs to another but she could care less and states that this is “just a little harmless sex.” How sadly indicative of our post-Christian culture which views sex as nothing but the mashing together of two, or more, bio-organisms. Well, his gay sex partner was hidden away in the bedroom and when she barges in and finds him she just makes the next do-what-thou-wilt based decision and wants to have sex with both of them. Welcome to the utter sexuality perverse depravity which shows such as Sense8 celebrates. She calls this moral nightmare a “dream come true.”

There is also a scene wherein a character picks up a magazine about mastering the tarot directly after which he is told that we all experience many births and death thus, reincarnation.

On July 6, 2015 AD, So So Gay Magazine published “You should know about: Sense8” wherein “Jordan Hogan explains why you should be watching the new series ‘Sense8’ on Netflix.”
It notes that “the popularity of LGBT themed television has become increasingly popular.” In fact, I do not have cable or satellite but merely broadcast TV and virtually every single show regardless of genre always (and in a statistically impossible manner) includes reference to homosexuality (and always in a positive light: they are always healthy, happy, well off, well educated, etc.).

It is also noted that “ Sense8 is a new LGBT themed TV show created by J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis, masterminds behind The Matrix trilogy.” Well, the referenced “the Wachowskis” used to be known as the “Wachowski brothers” consisting, as they did, of Andrew Paul “Andy” Wachowski and Laurence “Larry” Wachowski yet, Larry underwent a sex change operation aka sex reassignment surgery and is now “Lana Wachowski.”
As for the Wachowskis being “masterminds behind The Matrix trilogy” the fact is that Sophia Steward is the mastermind, she is depicted as the oracle within the franchise, see here for the background and a review of her script for Matrix IV.

So So Gay states that Sense8 is “about love” with love, apparently, being whatever one wants to make of it and that “there’s quite a lot of sex throughout the series, but it’s not like any Game of Thrones fans will be shocked by this.” Thank you for giving us a reason to never bother watching Game of Thrones!

They note “If you like to see naked bodies (cleverly shot to obscure full nudity)” actually, in the episode in view there is some sexual nudity at t=21:35.

To a video which was a “Sense8 | Cast Hangout Interview” I wrote the following comment:

I can certainly empathize with wanting to support a show that caters the LGBT lifestyle choice but am unsure about whether a show that so blatantly expressed Christophobia via hate speech should go without criticism of its lack of tolerance in not celebrating diversity.

A certain “blackham” replied:

The show doesn’t attack religion. Rather it defends itself against people that impose/force their religious beliefs on others and use slurs such as “faggot”, “dyke” ” nigger” “tranny” in order to discriminate against others, it teaches people to love each other through its themes such as the use of the coloured rainbow, and the relationship/friendships you see between the main characters even though they’re each from very different worlds.
Their abilities are also meant to show that if we work together as one unit and combine our skills, we can do anything.

I replied in turn with:

Friend, so in other words the show defends itself against people that impose/force their religious beliefs on others and use slurs in order to discriminate against others by using Christophobic slurs in order to discriminate against others. It teaches people to love each other as long as they agree. Apparently, their abilities are meant to show how from very different worlds can all be hateful and have other people defend them for being hateful.

And that is as far as it went.


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