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Satanist compliments Judeo-Christianity: destroys Ten Commandments | True Freethinker

What! You did not hear of it on the national news? What! No riots or beheadings?!

Well, yet another entry into the Unbelievers Compliment Christianity archives has reared its satanic head as Satanist compliments Judeo-Christianity by destroying Ten Commandments and not destroying, say, any Muslim monument whatsoever.

Earlier this year, we reported that Eric Minerault burns and urinates on a Bible, now:
Authorities are holding a suspect and are having him undergo a mental evaluation after he told authorities he urinated on the monument and then rammed it with his car after the Devil told him to do it.

What do Minerault, this new unnamed destructive urinator and, oh so many like them have in common? Lots but let us focus on one thing; they know that by destroying, burning, urinating on Judeo-Christian religious paraphernalia they will not make it to the national news, there will not be riots and beheadings and they will receive love and prayers in return.

The Decalogue / Ten Commandments monument stood at the Oklahoma City capitol building:
The suspect admitted to U.S. Secret Service agents that he was a Satanist and decided to urinate on the controversial six-foot monument before getting into his car and running into it. He then entered the building, made derogatory statements about President Barack Obama and said Satan told him to damage the monument.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Source:

Joel Landau, “Oklahoma man claims Satan told him to destroy Ten Commandments monument,” New York Daily News, October 26, 2014 AD