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Satanic crime – accused murderer wanted to meet satan while on mushrooms | True Freethinker

Jae Williams along with alleged accomplice Randy Thompson were at a bit of a loss to explain why they fatally stabbed a high-school classmate named Michael Russell. At the time of the murder, Randy Thomson was 15 yrs old and Jae Williams was 16 Michael Russell being 15.
Williams did, however, note that “His religion — Satanism — allows killing. And he’d already slain a rabbit and beaten a cat to death.” That satanism, at least of the Anton LaVey church of satan denomination, “allows killing,” nay, murder and ritual human sacrifice is a nonissue, for evidence see:
Is Miranda Barbour a satanist and are her murders satanic crimes?

Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible, “On the Choice of a Human Sacrifice”

That Jae Williams has killed animals is a clear and early sign of psychopathy. Compound such psychological factors with a worldview which allows for murder, ritualistic or otherwise, and we have the makings of a satanic crime (FYI: LaVey was against killing animals, except for food, but in favor of murdering humans).

Jae Williams stated:
“I guess I just finally wanted to kill somebody…I had my chance and I took it.”

When detectives asked Jae Williams why he murdered Michael Russell, he replied:
“It might not be a very good reason, but there is a reason. Cause we wanted to.”

“Williams said he and Thompson began looking for opportunities to corner and kill Russell about six weeks before they allegedly attacked him in his back yard.
‘Day by day, we would … ask if he was doing anything or if he was going anywhere, if he wanted to chill with us,’ Williams told detectives.”

In fact:
“Williams told police he and Thompson began looking for opportunities to kill Russell about six weeks before the attack and had created two alibis.”

Both accused murderers had MySpace pages:
[Williams’ had] some disturbing posts, including a wish to meet, ‘Satan while on shrooms [psychedelic mushrooms] so I can him tell the one thing any stoners/satanist/uther awsome drug user… would say….wassup!!’ Thomson’s login is ‘Randyt666.’”

Interestingly, a friend of Williams stated that “the character depicted on the MySpace page is a totally different person than the boy she knows. ‘I never heard him say anything about Satan.’” The question which is raised is: which was the real Jae Williams? The kid who acted happy around friends, whoever the kid was at home or, perhaps, the kid who felt the freedom to express his inner-self online?

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