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On The Postgender (aka Agender) Movement’s Roots | True Freethinker

Well, I have never wanted to be wronger but it seems as if we will have to take the movie The Silence of the Lambs’ lead and refers to people as “it” rather than “he” or “she”—or even “he and/or she.”


2017 AD has now seen that which is likely the first case of official agenderism aka postgenderism as Oregon judge Amy Holmes Hehn approved having a non-gender-specific personage refer to itself as not being male, nor being female, not being both and perhaps not even necessarily being neither but whatever the mood may strike at any given time de jour.

Thus, I decided to post as whole, a parsed article which I wrote and which was originally posted on Isaac Weishaupt’s site.

I am calling this article “On the Postgender (aka Agender) Movement’s Roots” and you can download the PDF version via this link.

It contains all of the following segments in one article:

Part 1: The occult roots of the postgender movement – p. 1

Part 2: Postgenderism as transhumanist technology – p. 4

Part 3: The “feminist revolution” and postgenderism – p. 9

Part 4: The postgenderism re-education of culture – p. 13

Part 5: The postgenderism worldview and literature – p. 17


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