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Occult alchemy in Kristy movie | True Freethinker

Kristy (aka Random) was released in 2014 AD. It was directed by Olly Blackburn and starring Haley Bennett as Justine, Ashley Greene as Violet, Lucas Till as Aaron, Chris Coy as Blue Hoodie and Mike Seal as Black Hoodie.

Kristy was reported missing a biblically significant, as you shall see, “three days ago.” Well, she is dead; as Jesus was dead three days.

Note: I ran across the movie on YouTube and it was posted with Spanish subtitles so those show up on some of the screen shots I provide herein.

The narration states, “The time is now, kill Kristy” text on the screen combined with the narration notes that Kristy is a “female name of Latin origin” which means “follower of Christ” with a Baphomet-like Satanic goat dark figure in the background. Thus, the narration and text note “Kill KRisTY, Kill GOD.”




The intro involves someone uploading a video of Kristy and her tortuous murder.

The first username seen is “DrkViolet801” which, according to occult numerological reduction, is 8+0+1=9. The next name is something to the likes of “TemohpaBulos83” (the 83 is actually more discernable than the rest of the username which is blurry) and 8+3=11. So, we not only have an 11 but a 9/11.

9 followed by 11 is seen as an occult boast since it skips over 10. Firstly, 9 is seen as the Number of the Beast since 666 reduces to 6+6+6=18 and 1+8=9. 11 is stated by many, such as occultists Aleister Crowley and Allen Greenfield, to be the premier occult number.
Now, when it comes to Paganism in general, which is involved in occultism and magick, all actions, symbols, etc. eventually break down to sex (and blood). Thus, in occult numerology the number 10 is viewed as the number of god because the “1” is obviously a phallic symbol and the “0” is its counter. Thus, 10 represents both genders in one and this is the occult concept of the perfect god and perfect human (or deified human): see my section on Postgender Androgyny, Hermaphroditism & Beyond.

Another name is “Paradise_LAST,” as a poem on “Paradise Lost” by John Milton, with the avatar being an upside down cross.

Another username is “Magick_Fire_678” and while number may not mean much the term “Magick” with a “k” means that it is not in reference to stage magic or illusion but to occult workings.

The cult of psychos is called The Fold and posted the following in their online forum:

> austin will kill 6 > 8 for portland tucson wants bløød < hell will rise

slay the innøcent

Then the narration states, “No god, no law can protect them” while the movie’s online screen states:

> not their laws > not their god

nothing will keep them safe