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Illuminati occult fashion model photo shoots | True Freethinker

What else can someone call many of the most popular fashion model magazines but Illuminati occult?

In view is W magazine which is the “Who, What, Where, When and Why in the World of Style” for March 2012 AD.

The cover states, “Kate Moss she’s no angel,” “Spring’s Fashion Bible,” “Divine Style for everyone” and “Heavenly dresses…sinful shoes…”

The issue contains a section called “Good Kate, Bad Kate” written by Will Self.

“Will Self”? Consider this author a birther when it comes to this guy: “Will” and “Self”? You could not make up a better name for an occultist even if you tried.

One thing appears certain, this guy knows what he is doing/saying and is very, very good at saturating his statements with key words which will make the likes of the Illuminati occult salivate. If you wanted to invent, make up, fake what an article written by a perverted insider occultist would look like, you could not come up with anything such as this article.

If you are aware of research conducted by personages such as Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, as two well known examples, then that which follows will send up enough red flags to plug up the 1,000 points of light at the Mother-of-Darkness castle, the Chateau des Arnerois.

If you are not aware, please see the following for some basics for the sake of background:

The meaning of Lady Gaga’s recurring nightmare: influences and programming

The issue revolves around what is generally known as MK Ultra / Monarch trauma based programming (modes and methods of mind control which have been admittedly developed by the CIA, et al.) which you can read about in books such as How The Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.

Consider how packed with (double) meaning is Will Self’s very first sentence:

When I pore over these wonderful images of the model, designer, and eternal waif Kate Moss, firefly thoughts flit in and out of the dark halls of my mind.

Note, the following from a simple definition of the word waif from Wikipedia:

A waif (from the Old French guaif, stray beast) is a living creature removed, by hardship, loss or other helpless circumstance, from its original surroundings.

From a definition of the word flit from The Free Dictionary:

To move quickly from one condition or location to another. n. 1. A fluttering or darting movement. 2. Informal An empty-headed, silly, often erratic person.

Elucidating according to the MK-Ultra / Monarch programming interpretation: from the get go he is referring to her as both “good” and “evil” (“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” Isaiah 5:20).

She is dehumanized as a stray beast, who has been removed, by hardship (trauma), from her original surroundings as she was taken captive as a mind controlled “programmed multiple” as they are known.

Will Self, as her programmer or perhaps just a fellow programmed multiple, muses of her within the dark halls of his mind wherein the images (multiple personalities / dissociative identities) flutter like the wings of a Monarch butterfly? He chose to referenced fireflies instead.

The very next sentence is just as saturated with meaning(s):

I think first of Dorian Gray in Oscar Wilde’s amorality tale, who looks upon the portrait of himself in the fullest fruition of youth and wishes that it would age in his stead.

Kate Moss seems to have always been with us—and to have always been as she is…her life has been a slalom through the toxicities of fame and success.

A slalom is a zigzag pattern such as when skiers navigate a course between upright obstacles. Will Self references amorality (not “immorality” but rather a lack of morality: Good Kate, Bad Kate) and her toxic slalom career. He notes that she is 38 years old which in modeling/fashion industry years equals about 235 in regular human years—meaning that by their standards she is very, very old.

Will Self continues:

I look back to photos of Moss at the outset of her career, and I see the full and terrifying extent of her juvenescence: how much younger she seemed than she actually was.

This guy never stops, why is her juvenescence “terrifying”?

At 19 the revered and reviled face of “heroin chic,” Moss appeared to be in her Lolita teens. In her early 20s, she had the dégage pour…

As per Wikipedia:

The term lolita is taken from the nickname of the title character in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita. Lolita’s actual name was Dolores Haze, with whom the narrator, Humbert, develops a sexual obsession…”Lolita” and “loli” has come to be used as a general reference to a seductive or sexually attractive young girl…

In Lolita, “nymphet” was used to describe the 9- to 14-year-old girls to whom the protagonist is attracted, the archetypal nymphet being the character of Dolores Haze.

So Will Self sees in a teenage Kate Moss a nymphomaniac, seductive, sexually active young girl.

In catwalk footage from later on, Moss’s face had become streamlined, grown more feline, so that when emulating the swivel-hipped stride of her towering colleagues, she powered along the runway like a gilded hood ornament: inescapably British, the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy gene-spliced perhaps by some model-agent Dr. Moreau with the iconic Jaguar.

Yes, this is supposed to be about fashion and fashion models but Will Self can stream of consciousness Illuminati occult imagery as if it is oh so very familiar to him.

Note that according to the MK-Ultra / Monarch programming; feline, cat, is associated with “Beta Models” who are the programmed multiples, the personalities, who are programmed to be seductive and sexual. This certainly fits the context of Will Self’s article: she is the Spirit of Ecstasy.

She is again dehumanized as a gilded hood ornament: she is an object (this also fits directly in with MK-Ultra/Monarch). He then references some model-agent Dr. Moreau. This refers to the book and later two movies, “The Island of Dr. Moreau” which is about a scientist who conducts genetic manipulation. He splices human and animal genes so as to create hybrid mixtures of creatures who are part human and part animal.

Also, and perhaps most fittingly, Dr. Moreau’s very own, beautiful and human, daughter does not know, until the end, that she is really another of her father’s experiments and is a hybrid herself but a more advanced, successful, model who is outwardly merely human but is, in actuality, a hybrid. In other words, she does not know who she is even though she thinks that she does. She has been manipulated, experimented upon, programmed but does not even know it.

Will Self continues:

Moss has aged and continues to age-not gracefully, for she’s a suburban hellion from the outer limits of Cockneydom, but beguilingly.

As per the The Free Dictionary hellion is “A mischievous, troublesome, or unruly person…worthless person…rough or rowdy person, esp a child; troublemaker.” Cockneydom refers to a native of London. Beguilingly means, “To deceive by guile; delude…deceive…cheat…To distract the attention of; divert.”

…I lose myself in the cold reactor shutdown of her brown-to-black eyes….Moss’s mouth no rosebud but a crushed carnation, her cheekbones somehow performing the alien accomplishment of curving down to below its petals.

Imagine looking at a models’ mouth and imagining a crushed flower and you get a taste of Will Self’s mentality. The reference to alien anatomy is also very, very telling (see our series on UFOs, aliens, demons, etc.).

Will Self cannot help himself (perhaps literally “cannot help himself” as he is programmed) and continues:

Dark Moss and Light Moss. Bad Kate and Good Little Katie-simple dichotomizing is not what this dyad deserves.

A dyad is, “Two individuals or units regarded as a pair…Made up of two units…a group of two; couple.” Indeed, he is not merely dichotomizing as this denotes two separate and distinct things no, he is confounding, combining, and thereby blurring the lines between dark and light, good and bad—the online version of the story also has this tagline, “Whether angel or devil, Kate Moss beguiles in any guise.” This is occultism 101. His reference to her as Little Katie is also troubling, for various reasons (fashion/model industry exploitation of youth, pedophilia, etc.).

I look at the pictures of Moss dressed in black and think perhaps they’re of a great beauty meditating upon her own inner ugliness.

Is he turning into an armchair psychiatrist or revealing something about her real inner being as a programmed multiple?

I try to divine the precise symbolism of the tattoo on her wrist:

Is it piratical anchor or Coptic cross or some strange merging of the two? I think of Baudelairean decadence, and I’m hammered back into Dorian’s gilt frame.

The tattoo looks much like an anchor except that generally anchors have a shaft which consists of one beam that connects directly to the semicircular bottom piece. The tattoo has a beam which splits into two just before meeting the bottom. It actually looks like a human stick figure standing atop a crescent moon—but who knows?

So, again Will Self’s mind goes to the occult and depraved: Baudelairean decadence refers to French poet Charles Pierre Baudelaire (1821-1867).

…her once legendary media froideur—no interviews, no comments—has been fractured in ways so prosaic that far from shattering her visual image, it has left it mysteriously shellacked…

She remains like a great silent-screen heroine who’s animated and reanimated and then reanimated again by the fizzing jolt of the kliegs.

Just more key words of note here such as fractured and shattering—as in multiple personality disorder aka dissociative personality disorder (MPD/DID).

Also the references to being animated and reanimated—perhaps as each alter, each personality is called up to perform some or another function.

You may have thought that fashion magazines were about fashion but fashion is secondary, at best. Firstly, you will note that the majority of the clothing they model is simply un-wearable. But most importantly and most obviously they are, well; porn for the Illuminati.

They consistently depict specifically and exclusively anti-Christian imagery (such as Kate Moss holding an upside down cross). They glorify occult imagery. They depict sexual perversion such as sadomasochistic (S&M) bondage. Non stop photos of models with their legs spread just as wide as they will stretch. They promote androgyny. They encourage the above referred to trashed and wasted heroin chic look.

And, digging deeper still, they send all sorts of messages to programmed multiples.

All of this, of course, in the guise of fashion. The fashion and modeling industry preys upon, uses up and spits out the young. Encourages immorality, eating disorders and drug use. And is very, very clearly a vehicle for servicing occultists.

Next time your little girl asks you to buy a fashion magazine for her, why not actually take the time to look it over first. Some are even harmless enough and only make little girls feel bad about their bodies, hair, face, figure, clothes, etc. Others, such as W, are nothing but Illuminati, occult, pervert, pedophile porn.