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Gen Z rejects gender binary and accepts gender neutrality | True Freethinker

J. Walter Thompson Intelligence “is a center for provocative thinking that focuses on identifying shifts in the global zeitgeist.” They posted an interesting article by Shepherd Laughlin, titled “Gen Z goes beyond gender binaries in new Innovation Group data,” March 11, 2016 AD.


Occultist Jaden Smith (see here)

It begins by noting, “56% of US Gen Zers know someone who uses gender-neutral pronouns, according to the new study.” This is something about which I wrote in History of homosexual socio-political psychiatric activism, part 2 of 2 also in The Postgenderism Re-education of Culture (and a side note may be When Diversity Becomes Uniformity). As an example of this, the article makes reference to an “agender” writer.

I have a friend who has a teenage daughter who is my informant regarding what high school is like now-a-days. She replied in the affirmative when I asked if someone is considered uncool (or whatever term those crazy kids are using today) unless they are at least bisexual. Also, she does have a friend who tells her to keep up her adjectives as said person changes their gender view of themselves from day to day and expects, if not demands, that those around he and/or she keep up with his and/or her preferences de jour.

The article regards “a major new survey of Generation Z’s attitudes toward gender and sexuality, covering topics from personal identity to product choice” some details of which were published to Vice as Teens These Days Are Queer AF, New Study Says by Zing Tsjeng (March 10, 2016 AD).

Here are some results: 56% of 13-20 yr. olds: know people who go by gender neutral, non-gender specific, pronouns like “they,” “them,” or “ze” as opposed to 43% of 28-34 yr. olds.

FYI: an engineer recently told me that for new contracts they cannot use the term “he” or “his” for example, but “they.” They cannot even use the term “manhole” (get it? manhole) but must use something to the likes of maintenance access entry.

More than 1/3 of Gen Z studied “strongly agreed that gender did not define a person as much as it used to” as opposed to those 28 yr. Old and up for whom this figure dropped by 23%.

Gen Zers also reject the “gender binary” while shopping. I wrote of the binary” issue in Postgenderism Beyond the Gender Binary. This means that businesses are going to, and already are, changing their ads and store layouts so as to accommodate the gender confusion de jour. For example, gone will be the days of separate sections for toys: one section for “boys” and another for “girls.”

44% of Gen Zers purchase clothing designed for their own gender versus 54% of Millennials.

70% of Gen Zers versus 57% of 21-34 yr. olds “felt strongly that public spaces should provide access to gender neutral bathrooms.”

I do not support gender neutral bathrooms but I would not mind individual bathrooms: maybe each stall could have walls floor to ceiling: with a strong fan in each. I mean, there is nothing like working as a professional in a business office only to go into the men’s bathroom and having my eyelashes sizzle!!!
Once, and I am not exaggerating, for about an entire month the bathroom smelled like someone had gone in there and…………..gave birth to the antichrist!!!

Check the referenced articles for background and stats.

Something I have been emphasizing is that the issue of gender confusion, gender fluidity, gender neutrality, etc., etc., etc., is actually a movement which is active in an Art of War style, meaning on many fronts at once and largely in a behind the scenes manner. It has a political arm, a cultural arm as well as a pop-cultural arm, an education (as in public education aka indoctrination), an occult arm as well as a high tech biochemical arm.

On this last point, note that in their article Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary (about which I wrote here) George Dvorsky and James Hughes noted:

Efforts to treat female depression and male aggression, autism and ADD would give us ways to make the brain more androgynous. Francis Fukuyama lamented these trends, the ‘masculinizing’ of depressive women’s moods by antidepressants, and the ‘feminizing’ of ADD boys with stimulant medications, in Our Posthuman Future, asserting that they were the result of pressure to conform to an ‘androgynous median personality’ in American society.

Asked for examples of chemical employed towards such ends, Hughes stated, “Pseudo-estrongens and endocrine disruptors, specifically thalates from plastics.”
So, how many of us use plastics? Just about everyone.

Now, this may not be very impactful on fully developed adults but when a child’s body is beginning to develop into one of the two genders: a boy’s body is being flooded with pseudo-estrongens and a girl’s body with testosterone, etc. Thus, their bodies are literally confused and end up building more and more androgynous forms along with confused and androgynous brains.
Just how many youngsters are on hardcore pharmaceuticals such as those about which Francis Fukuyama has concerns? The number is growing every day.

Lastly, do not miss the astonishing admission within the statement. JP Morgan noted, “A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.” Well, the good reason is “to treat female depression and male aggression, autism and ADD” and the real or secondary (or hidden primary) reason is that it would, note the terminology, “give us ways to make the brain more androgynous.” This denotes a carefully crafted, planned and executed, program to make happen that which we are seeing increasingly happenin to our culture.