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DNA-genetic manipulation and ancient alien gods | True Freethinker

This series, beginning at part 1 and part 2, is a consideration of the book Discerning Alien Disinformation written by Montalk. We will consider alien types and whether there are positive and negative ones. Montalk is not a Christian and is very insightful. There are areas of agreement as well as disagreement.

Montalk covers a version of the ancient astronaut / ancient alien idea of directed panspermia:

“alien groups were responsible for genetically engineering humans and seeding them upon various worlds…some alien types…made their own modifications to the human gene pool.”

Not only this but also:

“Historical, mythological, religious, and archeological records indicate aliens interacted openly with humans in ancient times. There were different warring alien factions, each faction had their respective human followers who saw them as gods…included the establishment of human secret brotherhoods who were entrusted with special knowledge and powers to shape the course of civilization and act according to the goals of their alien benefactors.”

On the other hand, Montalk mentions that:

“the majority of their supposed interstellar points of origin — Sirius, Arcturus, Procyon, Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli — are less than one hundred light-years from earth. That is 0.1% the diameter of the Milky Way. The similarity and proximity is so significant that we are very likely dealing with our cosmic relatives, whether future evolutionary offshoots of the human race who have traveled back in time, aliens who have genetically modified us in their image, or other variants of the humanoid template seeded on other worlds in this sector of the galaxy.”


That aliens are, as he puts it elsewhere, “future humans” is a popular idea and Montalk notes that some make the claim that:

“Greys are future descendants of humans….Greys and Nordics are two evolutionary offshoots of the human race, having time traveled here from the future.”

We quoted other well-known people who make such statements in the article Extra-terrestrial aliens and time travel.

There are, at least, two views of directed panspermia; aliens seeded genetic material or biological beings on Earth or genetically manipulated mammalian hominids which they found had naturally evolved here. So, considering the future humans view; humans may have created humans who developed enough to be able to travel back in time and create humans…and on the paradoxical loop goes.

As for humans following aliens as gods and developing secret brotherhoods; it may very well be when we recall that the Bible does, indeed, tell of extra-terrestrial aliens who came to Earth and mated with human women. Yet, these aliens were not from other planets but other dimensions; they were fallen angels (see Genesis ch. 6 and previous articles such Nephilim – one or multiple incursions?).


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