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Conspiracy theories, Illuminati, New World Order (NWO), etc. | True Freethinker

Illuminati at Walmart: is it satanic panic?

#Pizzagate t-shirts & baseball hat

Adam Driver in creepy photo-shoot

Alien UFOs, “The Watch” movie and 2012 AD Olympics: false flag ops

Alien-Demon symbolism in Alien Agenda – Project Grey movie

American Ultra movie, obviously American MK-Ultra

Angel of Light Ouroboros shoes by Nike and Kobe Bryant

Are there hidden meanings in Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Lobster movie?

Article and video: Illuminati and the Bible in “The Visitor” movie

Banshee Chapter movie first to be released on Oculus Rift

Bill H.R. 6566: FEMA Admin to provide guidance to religious organizations

Billy Meier and his alien new world order

Can neuromodulation of religious belief lead to mind controlled Atheists?

CERN seeks to create life in the lab

CIA MK-Ultra in “The Banshee Chapter” movie (notes and video)

Conspiracy reality, “The Masonic Fraternal Police Department”

Dennis Quaid’s new world order speech from the movie Pandorum

Dichotomy symbolism blue vs. red

Did Snopes disprove the #pizzagate conspiracy theory?

Disney’s hidden Club 33, Azealia Banks and MK Ultra Monarch programming

Does Angelina Jolie describe an Illuminati ritual in her leaked video?

Dr. Phil and Nazi satanic ritual abuse (SRA and MPD / DID)

Early Hollywood mind control programming in “The Tingler” movie

Flying saucers, aliens…and spring water???

Freemason & pyramid symbolism in Trepalium TV show

High tech transhuman NWO in THX 1138 movie

Illuminati elitism exposed in “Thrill Seekers” movie

Illuminati occult fashion model photo shoots

Isaac Weishaupt book The Star Wars Conspiracy

It was MPD/DID (MK-Ultra) day for me

Kim Noble’s dissociative identity disorder tortuous pedophilia paintings

KRS-One’s Hip Hop new world order one world religion

Lady Gaga admits rape and PTSD “mental illness”

Lady Gaga opens up about, apparent, Catholic school sexual trauma

List of teacher & librarian resources for spotting #fakenews

Maybelline makeup New World Order commercial?

Microchip implants for tracking kids & Alzheimer’s patient