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Carl Sagan, Erich Von Daniken and fist contact | True Freethinker

FYI: I just realized that I wrote the title as “…fist contact” rather than “first”–;o)

While in his cell [whilst incarcerated for embezzlement, fraud and forgery], he claims, he experienced an intense vision.

Von Daniken won’t discuss the nature of the vision…

Erich Von Daniken, ancient astronaut alien fame (or, infamy)—was interviewed by Timothy Ferris; an interview you can find scanned from the original magazine here and yet, one that no one seems to have transcribed as of yet which is why we will provide much of the text within this series.

[Timothy Ferris] …you write, “Our radio astronomers send signals into the universe to make contact with unknown intelligence.” But, in fact, no such experiment has ever been performed.

[Erich Von Daniken] Oh, it has. [Carl] Sagan should know this very well.

[Timothy Ferris] Well, we asked Sagan about it. He called it a common misconception. He added, as an opinion of your work: “The kindest thing I can say about Von Daniken is that he ignores the science of archaeology.

Every time he sees something he can’t understand, he attributes it to extraterrestrial intelligence and since he understands almost nothing, he sees evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence all over the planet.”

Well, if Carl (Mr. Non-Sequitur) Sagan was against it then perhaps there was some merit to it. But he had a point here.

On the other hand, it is well known that our radio astronomers send signals into the universe to make contact with unknown intelligence—ever hear of SETI? SETI stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Also, as the Smithsonian reported:
By the 1970s, astronomers Carl Sagan and Frank Drake already had some experience with sending messages out into space. They had created two gold-anodized aluminum plaques that were affixed to the Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 spacecraft. Linda Salzman Sagan, an artist and Carl’s wife, etched an illustration onto them of a nude man and woman with an indication of the time and location of our civilization.

In fact, Timothy Ferris himself wrote the article Voyagers’ Never-Ending Journey for the Smithsonian and stated:
Voyagers will wander forever among the stars, mute as ghost ships but with stories to tell. Each carries a time capsule, the “Golden Record,” containing information about where, when and by what sort of species they were dispatched. Whether they will ever be found, or by whom, is utterly unknown. In that sense, the probes’ exploratory mission is just beginning.


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