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Bohemian Grove owl: who or what is it? On Moloch and Lilith, part 2 of 4 | True Freethinker

We now continue, from part 1, considering the discussion and debate that ensued after the infiltration of Bohemian Grove by Mike Hanson and Alex Jones. The issue was the identity of the huge owl idol. Jones stated that it is Moloch / Molech, other question this conclusion.

In keeping with our article Witchcraft child sacrifice: “Sacred Abortion” note that, “novelist James Joyce cast Lilith as the “patron of abortions” (James Joyce, Ulysses, chap. 14, “Oxen of the Sun”). And no wonder:

In most manifestations of her myth, Lilith represents chaos, seduction and ungodliness…The ancient name “Lilith” derives from a Sumerian word for female demons or wind spirits—the lilītu and the related ardat lilǐ. The lilītu dwells in desert lands and open country spaces and is especially dangerous to pregnant women and infants.

On the other hand, or the underhand, “Her name appears as the title of a Jewish women’s magazine and a national literacy program…An annual music festival…is called the Lilith Fair.”

So now, let us back up and see if whence she came can be traced:

The earliest surviving mention of Lilith’s name appears in Gilgamesh and the Huluppu-Tree, a Sumerian epic poem found on a tablet at Ur and dating from approximately 2000 B.C.E.

Let us pause for a moment to note the anti-Christian pseudo academic reference to B.C.E. which is a hip neo-scholarly manner whereby to turn Before Christ into Before Common Era (they also turn A.D. to C.E. so that Anno Domini—the Year of our Lord, into Common Era). Now, BC and AD are hinged upon the birth of Jesus (at least conceptually). But, pray tell, upon what does BCE and CE hinge? They very same even whilst attempting to deny Jesus.

See our article: BC and AD vs. BCE and CE in chronological terminology:

In her garden near the Euphrates River, Inanna lovingly tends a willow (huluppu) tree. She would use the wood in order to make a throne and bed for herself.

Inanna, to her chagrin, found herself unable to realize her hopes. For in the meantime a dragon had set up its nest at the base of the tree, the Zu-bird had placed his young in its crown, and in its midst the demoness Lilith had built her house.

The Burney Relief, which is a Babylonian terracotta plaque, (see attached slide show) is thought to be “the first known pictorial representation of Lilith.” Thought to be because “More recently, scholars have identified the figure as Inanna.” The plaque/relief “shows her as a beautiful, naked sylph”—note that the Lilith Fair raises fund for breast cancer research and yet, Lilith’s own “breasts are filled with poison, not milk”—“with bird wings, taloned feet and hair contained under a cap decorated with several pairs of horns. She stands atop two lions and between two owls, apparently bending them to her will.”

So, at this point Lilith or (and/or?) Inanna is seen to be somehow associated with owls. Owls have long been associated with wisdom presumably due to their large eyes and ability to turn their heads 180 degrees so as to see all. Of course, owls are also carnivorous nocturnal predators:

Lilith’s association with the owl—a predatory and nocturnal bird—bespeaks a connection to flight and night terrors. In early incantations against Lilith, she travels on demon wings, a conventional mode of transportation for underworld residents.

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