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Basic background: Damien Echols – WM3 | True Freethinker

In the article Book review: “ABOMINATION – Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders” by William Ramsey we noted that the West Memphis Three (WM3) pertained to three brutally murdered eight year olds—Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and James Michael Moore—and three accused, incarcerated and subsequently released teenagers (released after circa two decades)—Damien Wayne Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr.
Previous segments include part 1 and part 2.

Also, in the previous, book review, article we noted “Be on the lookout for a follow up article based on Echols various interesting and troubling statements from sleep paralysis to the spirits with whom he consorted.” So here we are. All of that which follows has been reported to be written either by Damien Echols himself or law enforcement officers or court documents involved with the case. Michael Hutchison was so named as per his biological father’s last name.

His last name was changed to Echols as per his step-father’s last name. His first name is said by some to have been taken from Jozef De Veuster aka Father Damien aka Saint Damien of Molokai aka Saint Damien de Veuster who was a Catholic missionary who ministered to lepers in Hawaiian’s Molokai island. Other claim that his name was taken from the lead protagonist of the movie series, “The Omen” which is about the birth, life and death of the anti-Christ.


A May 9, 1993 AD report filed by Detectives Griffin and Sudbury notes that Echols stated that he had:

“been in Charter of Little Rock at Maumelle (Mental Hospital) with a diagnosis of manic depression and schizophrenia. Doctors prescribed Imipramine for the condition [at a later time, he claimed to be on the antidepressant Amipromin]. Griffin noted that Damien had a pentagram tattooed into his chest. Damien told the Detective that he was involved with Wicca and belonged to the group Covenant of Divine Light. He said the murders might be a ‘thrill kill.’”

They also report that Echols had a “faded pentagram on chest…doesn’t believe in God or devil. Used to be involved in Wiccan Religion – Covenant of Divine Light which practices white witchcraft…stated that sister was sexually abused several months back by step-father but that it didn’t bother him.” [Detective Griffin’s Investigative Report] He also had EVIL tattooed on the knuckles of his left hand.

He stated that “one of his favorite writers was Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, author of The Satanic Bible” but that “the Book of Revelations was his favorite book of the Bible, as the Devil was handling out all the punishment…[William Ramsey, Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders, p. 35] his favorite book of the Bible was that of Revelations because of the stories in it about what was being done by the Devil and the suffering done by people at the hands of the Devil.”

Echols “stated that his belief was there was a goddess and not a god. He stated that everyone in the group works toward a divine light upon reaching that state they become like gods themselves.” [Detective Bryn Ridge’s report]

He “was wearing a necklace that…had a pentagram as a pendant that Damien explained meant some type of good symbol for the Wicca magic that he was in.” [from Lieutenant Sudbury and Detective Ridge’s interview with Echols]

Gleaned from Jennifer Ball’s report to police:

“He studied turn of the century occultist Aleister Crowley, but at the same time would downplay Crowley’s influence on him. In his personal journal, known among Wiccans as a ‘Book of Shadows’, Damien’s interest in Satanism and witchcraft is evident.”

Damien Echols’ live in girlfriend Dominique “Domini” Teer stated:

“that she and her friends were witches and that they worshipped nature. Hecate, goddess of the moon and earth, and Diana, her Roman form, were the primary gods she worshipped. She also told an astonished Driver that she drank blood, saying ‘Why should I not drink blood, because my mother drinks blood?”

Ramsey notes that “This statement provides credible evidence that the witchcraft practiced in the area wasn’t merely confined to the teens, but was intergenerational.” [William Ramsey, Abomination, p. 123]
Hers may not have been the only intergenerational occult family as for their part as well, the Echols/Hutchinson family was, at the very least very, very troubled. In one reported instance Richard B. Ellison was shot dead with Damien Echols’ biological mother’s gun. A certain Bryan T. McFadden murdered him “in a dispute over Pam Hutchison’s affections.” Ellison, McFadden and her ex-husband Joe Hutchison lived together and she had relations with them all.

In the next segment we will consider similar beliefs and practices of Damien Echol and Aleister Crowley.

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