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Transhuman Hollywood | True Freethinker

.VIDEO: Transhumanism in Joaquin Phoenix “Her” movie

Crypt notes: Mary Shelley “Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus”

Fritz Lang’s movie Metropolis – transhumanism from 1927 AD

Pacific Rim – esoteric movie review

Science and transgenderism in Extant TV show

Transgenderism in Paradox Alice movie

Transhuman Hollywood: virtual-cyber-techno theology in Mindwarp movie

Transhumanism immortality in Freejack movie

Transhumanism in Ghost in the Shell movie ft. Scarlett Johansson

Video & article combo: Transhumanism in HBO’s Westworld series

VIDEO: Atheism vs. Science & Transhumanism in “The Lazarus Effect” movie

VIDEO: Atheist transhumanism and evolution in the “Automata” movie

VIDEO: Evolution & transhumanism death & rebirth in “Chappie” movie

VIDEO: Evolution and transhuman pharamkia in Strange Blood movie

VIDEO: Evolution and transhumanism in “John Dies at the End” movie

VIDEO: Kill Command movie clips – transhumanism (or, transrobotism)

VIDEO: Theism as brain damage in “The Brain Hack” movie

VIDEO: Trans-pharmakia-humanism in “Narcopolis” movie

VIDEO: Transhuman Hollywood – segment 2

VIDEO: Transhuman Hollywood – segment 3

VIDEO: Transhuman Hollywood – segment 4

VIDEO: Transhuman Hollywood – segment 5

VIDEO: Transhuman Hollywood – segment 6

VIDEO: Transhuman Hollywood – segment 1

VIDEO: Transhuman resurrection in Realive aka Project Lazarus movie

VIDEO: Transhuman super-soldiers in “Hitman: Agent 47” movie

VIDEO: Transhuman virtual reality pharmakeia in “The Congress” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism & media mind control in “The Island” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism & new (surveillance) world order in “Listening” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism & theology in “Babylon A.D.” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism & transgender death & resurrection in “Splice” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism (or, Trans-alien-ism) in “The Signal” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism and ancient aliens in “The Inhumans” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism and evolution in “Nightmare Code” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism and evolution in “Uncanny” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism immortality in “Space 1999” episode “End of Eternity”

VIDEO: Transhumanism in “Surrogates” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism in “The Six Million Dollar Man” 1973 AD

VIDEO: Transhumanism in 1959 AD movie The Colossus of New York

VIDEO: Transhumanism in “Black Mirror: White Christmas”

VIDEO: Transhumanism in “Blade Runner” movie

VIDEO: Transhumanism in “Ex Machina” movie