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Satanism apologists contra me | True Freethinker

It is interesting that our culture has gotten some sort of memo regarding Satanism. This is readily discernible when I read any article about Satanism: they generally merely and un-skeptically repeat Satanists’ PR talking points.
Here are some examples from YouTube’s comment section for my video Church of Satan’s Karla LaVey. You can find many more examples within my section on Satanism or the one about Satanic Crime.

Within the info section to the video on YouTube I wrote:

This one point out the issue with Mansfield’s son: This one is about how the Satanic Bible allows for human sacrifice murder:

Smash Boy commented:

Poor LaVey; if only he realized he was worshipping a liar. He [wrongly] put too much trust on Satan to kill Brody, but Satan be like: “Pfft! [Bleep] you, puny. Imma kill yo’ b[bleep]! HAHA!!” And lo and behold: LaVey was betrayed. Satanists need Jesus, not Satan. [brackets in original]

Lady Hawk commented:

HE [referring to Anton LaVey] NEVER WORSHIPED THE DEVIL! Satanists are atheists, they do not believe in deities of any kind. Read to his book and understand the ideology before you comment. Too many times people comment from their uninformed fears. Yes, there ARE devil worshipers who DO murder people ….but it is not LaVey Satanists.

I replied:

Smash Boy can answer for himself but as for me, I noted that La Vey and his disciples did petition “our brother Satan” as a personal being for the healing of La Vey’s girlfriend’s son. I am not sure how you can put all Satanists in a box in claiming that they are all Atheists. I am also not sure how you can generalize is asserting, without evidence, that there “ARE devil worshipers who DO murder people ….but it is not La Vey Satanists.” How do you know that? In fact, Miranda Barbour claims to be a La Veyan Satanist and is a murderer who committed her crimes due to her La Veyan satanism. Also, La Vey allowed for murder in the name of Satan in his “Bible” and predicted that people would murder in Satan’s name.

Friend, see the info section above and read those articles.

David Turley chimed in with:

I’ve heard that the Old Testament God was really Satan and the snake in the Garden of Eden was God giving Adam and Eve wisdom.

Well, I certainly recognized this and replied:

Friend, that was invented by the Gnostics in order to claim that they had special knowledge.

For details, see They hate Christianity, but why?

Well, that is about it for the more substantive comments and enough to show that many replies by Satanist apologists are based on generic common misconceptions.


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