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Raphael Lataster on historical or mythical Jesus? | True Freethinker

I continue, from part 1, considering the latest, of a never ending, round of pop-research on the issue of the historical Jesus and Jesus mythicism, namely Michael Paulkovich and Raphael Lataster.
I personally chronicled 205 texts that reference Jesus written pre 70 AD to 200-250 AD, see Historical Jesus – two centuries worth of citations
Within the first segment, I related a Facebook discussion I had on this issue and we will now consider Raphael Lataster on historical Jesus or mythical Jesus?

Here is my statement to the commentator:

Friend, I took your statements and references seriously enough to take time out, time I do not really have as I am in the middle of some heavy editing (on an unrelated issue), so as to view your video and read over a dozen pages on Lataster. I supposed that I could write something to the likes of “This is trash” and move on but decided to write a specific rely which turned into the comment which follows.


Firstly, I am afraid that your statement are becoming more and more generic which leads them to be meaningless (meaning that I have to work to derive what you may mean by them and which leads to guess work which may result in erroneous conclusions on my part). My claim was that there is historical evidence of the existence of Jesus and the evidence is 205 texts dating from pre 70-250 AD and I am not even counting individual references within those texts but merely the texts themselves as whole thus, counting individual references would add up to much more than 205 (and keeping in mind that Jesus’ main center of activity, Jerusalem, was razed in 70 AD).

That Richard Carrier explains the “likely” origin of Jesus means that he came along some two millennia after the fact and wove a tall tale which, as a scholar, he can call a hypothesis. However, I did appreciate reading, which I did some years ago, Carrier’s discrediting of Kersey Graves’ “The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors.” [see Christ myth – historical Jesus, Mythras, Horus, Inanna , Santa, etc. 2 of 2]

There is a good reason why it took almost a full two millennia for anyone to begin imagining that maybe Jesus did not exist after all. Waiting a year was not enough, a decade was not quite right, a century did not work, one millennia was not far enough but circa two millennia removed from Jesus’ time and place did the trick.

Now, Raphael Lataster claims that “There Was No Jesus, There Is No God” which means that he is making a positive claim to possess positive knowledge that God does not exist and thus, must be asked to his proof. Yet, I want to focus on the issue of Jesus’ existence. Interestingly, Lataster is “a professionally secular PhD researcher” which stinks of bias and, of course, he is an Atheist (by any other name) and is thus not exactly likely to conclude that “There Is A Jesus, There Is A God.”

We will next consider Raphael Lataster on miracles and Flavius Josephus.


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