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I will consider this page a work in progress. If you have any recommendations, please use the contact page.

Christian Apologetics

@ True Freethinker

Metacrock’s Blog “‘Have Theology, Will Argue’ Intellectual reflection on faith and life.”

What Had Happen’ Was…..


J P Holding’s Tekton

The God Hypothesis

Dr. Claude Mariottini – Old Testament Studies

Apologetics Index

James White’s Alpha and Omega Ministries

Apologetics Press


Christian ThinkTank

John Ankerberg

Leadership University

Reasonable Faith

Christian Research Institute

Risen Jesus

Summit Ministries

Ravi Zacharias Ministries

Confident Christianity

Truth Bomb Apologetics

Answer The Skeptic

Apologetics Guy

Apologetics Review

Tough Questions Answered

Think Christianly

Stand to Reason Blog

Paul Copan

Francis Schaeffer

Walter Martin

Ron Rhode’s Reasoning from the Scriptures

Please Convince Me


@ True Freethinker


Mormonism Research Ministry

@ Contender Ministries

@ Alpha and Omega Ministries

@ Apologetics Press

@ Tekton

@ MM Outreach (Laurie McGregor)

Tower to Truth (Joan Cetnar)

Mormonism Examined


@ True Freethinker

Jews for Jesus

Dr. Michael Brown

Study Aids

Blue Letter Bible

Biblos (a one-stop shop with tools plus the Bible in many different languages including Greek and Hebrew)



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