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Do Aliens Exist?

Much about atheism is quite misunderstood, for example:
Atheists are considered anti-religion but they are not; many are in favor of an atheist one world religion-the Alluminati’s new world order.
Atheists are considered anti-supernatural but they are not; many believe in the supernatural realm known as the multiverse.
Atheists are considered anti-imaginary friends, super friends, sky daddies, etc. but they are not; many believe in aliens.

I love a book that instantly gives you something to ponder. Such was the case when I opened “King Solomon’s Advice” by Walter L. Porter; Professor of Psychology at Harding University.
I have had this book in my holster for quite some time but it had to wait its turn, like oh so many others. I have just started it so cannot say anything about it as of yet.

However, on the very first page of the introduction he wrote something that resonated with a concept that I have long found fascinating: outer space aliens in general and atheism’s love aliens.

Various atheists have appealed to their imaginary friends / super friends / sky daddies as a final court of arbitration who will decide, in favor of atheism, were they ever to openly revel themselves.

For many atheists: aliens know it all, can do anything and most importantly they are atheists who will someday grace us with their open presence and refute those wacky theists. The technologically and intellectually advanced alien-nerd-herd takes the place of God; they will someday appear and vindicate atheism.


Upon making scientific observations of DNA Francis Crick ascertained that the ultimate atheist explanation for anything and everything, “It just is, it just happened to happen, evolutiondidit” did not cut the mustard. However, being an atheist he necessarily restricted his thinking and chose to propose that life had been seeded on Earth by technologically advanced aliens: directed panspermia-Johnny-Alien-Seed.

Orgel and Crick managed to provoke the public and their colleagues by speculating that the seeds of life were sent to the earth in a spaceship by intelligent beings living on another planet. Orgel says the proposal, which is known as directed panspermia, was “sort of a joke.”
But he notes that it had a serious intent: to point out the inadequacy of all explanations of terrestrial genesis. As Crick once wrote: “The origin of life appears to be almost a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have had to be satisfied to get it going.”1

The book [Life Itself] proposed that the seeds of life were sent to the earth in a spaceship launched by beings on another planet. Called directed panspermia, the theory met with derision from other scientists, and Orgel himself described it recently as “sort of a joke.” But Crick insists that given the weaknesses of all theories of terrestrial genesis, directed panspermia should still be considered “a serious possibility.”2

Number eight of Sam Harris’ 10 myths about atheism regards aliens as he ponders the possibility that there “is complex life elsewhere in the cosmos”:

If there is, such beings could have developed an understanding of nature’s laws that vastly exceeds our own. Atheists can freely entertain such possibilities.
They also can admit that if brilliant extraterrestrials exist, the contents of the Bible and the Koran will be even less impressive to them than they are to human atheists.

“If…could have…if…will be…” got it! Let us play the turnaround game:

If there is, such beings could have developed an understanding of nature’s laws that vastly exceeds our own. Theists can freely entertain such possibilities.
They also can admit that if brilliant extraterrestrials exist, the contents of the Bible and the Koran will be even more impressive to them than they are to human theists.

Let us consider this another of atheism’s consoling delusions: the delusion of affirmation via higher intellects (exactly the view of the atheists street as they adoringly look to their cenobites for guidance).

In arguing that rape is not absolutely immoral, Dan Barker appeals to malevolent alien rape voyeurs (Dan Barker is of the Freedom From Religion Foundation which was established in a country premised upon freedom of religious expression). He envisages (he actually sits around imagining such scenarios) technologically advanced aliens who offer an option: they will destroy the Earth or watch a woman being raped. Thus, Dan Barker concludes that nothing is absolutely immoral because, “I can think of an exception in any case.” By the way: he just solved the “problem of evil.” This scenario is detailed at this link.

During his “Royal Institution Christmas Lectures” aka “The Royal Institution Lectures for Children” Richard Dawkins told little kids the following:

If we ever meet life from another planet…

I’d also be prepared to put my shirt on the bet that they will have evolved by the way equivalent of Darwinian Natural Selection…

They’ll probably find us pretty childish, but they will be quite kind about our science. They’ll pat us on the head and say, “Well, what you know about Universe is pretty much correct. You got a lot to learn yet, but you are doing fine. Keep it up.” That’s what they would say if they were talking to our scientists. What if they were talking to our best lawyers or literary critics or theologians? I doubt if they’d be so impressed.They might be…their anthropologists, the equivalent of their anthropologists might be interested in us, but they would be bound to notice that our cultural beliefs are very local and parochial; not just by their standards, their universal standards, where they certainly would be, but even by our own standards.

Because what people believe on our planet depends so much on whereabouts on the planet they happen to be born, which is a fairly odd thing.


Now to Walter L. Porter’s statement:

A number of conferences have been conducted by scientists on the subject of life in outer space. The consensus appears to be that other life forms exist out there (in spite of the total lack of what is currently considered to be scientific evidence) and that they include creatures who are not only non-human and “incredibly alien,” but are also ”vastly more intelligent than we.”

The director of one conference, sponsored jointly by Boston University and NASA, expressed the hope that contact with these creatures “. . . might also lead us to better social forms, possibly to ways to solve our environmental crisis, even improve our own social institutions.”
Another participant hoped that these beings can give us “. . . the means by which we can control the application of our knowledge. This is where we have, I think, lamentably failed.”

I find all of this incredibly ironic. Modern science is looking toward heaven for salvation!

As a matter of fact, the ancient Israelites recorded many encounters with non-human creatures of vastly superior abilities who provided them with information vital to their survival and prosperity. Many of their great men told of having personally received knowledge from beyond earth.

For example, Moses credited both his power to lead the people out of Egyptian bondage and all the details of his great law to an ongoing encounter with an extra-terrestrial being.

Joseph was a Hebrew slave who rose to the highest administrative position in ancient Egypt.Daniel, another captive Jew, was a chief adviser to Nebuchadnezzar, who was king of the great Babylonian Empire.Both of these men achieved greatness because of special knowledge personally provided to them by


Ancient Hebrew documents contain many similar reports. Indeed, from the time of their founding father, Abraham, the Israelites were told by heavenly beings that they had been chosen for a special role in the development of the human race.
Through the Israelite people the entire world would gain access to special knowledge needed to promote the progress of civilization and to combat our destructive tendencies…What was revealed includes knowledge relevant for understanding ourselves and for telling how we can live together peacefully-the most critical knowledge we need.

It is, of course, an old familiar story told in an old familiar book-the Bible. The Bible tells of another world in another realm or dimension in the heavens inhabited by superior creatures and ruled by a supreme Being whose unimaginable power and intelligence created not only this universe but all things.

From time to time in the past, communication was made from that realm to some select citizen. Sometimes these creatures simply materialized in human form and were recognized only by their superhuman powers. But more often the contact was made through a form of mental telepathy, by means of a spectacular vision or a dream.3