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New Atheists and Their New Tactics – Gaining Ground | True Freethinker

Headlines make is clear that the New Atheists are up to new tricks_

An Associate Press story printed in the New York Times affirms,

In Russia Speed Up Campaign; Moscow Churches Are Filled As Disbelievers Plan New Propaganda Drive

Also, that the atheists,

Ridicule Capitalism And Pope In Manifestoes

And that they rejoice that the

Ban On Teaching Children Religion Seen As Spelling Church’s Doom If Continued In Effect. Doom Of Russian Faith Feared.

This is the work of Russia’s Society Of Militant Atheists Of Russia aka The Union of Belligerent Atheists aka The League Of The Godless.

This headline dates from March 17, 1930 AD.

“New” Atheists? Nothing new about them.


In related news, the following is hot off the press:

_in nine cases out of ten agnosticism is but old atheism “writ large.”

And it has come to be writ large because it is gaining ground in respectable society, where the older and simpler designation carries with it-if we may borrow a convenient term from the logic manuals-an offensive connotation, very much on the principle that vice is said by losing its grossness to lose half its evil.

The new nomenclature may or may not be an advantage; those who like to call a spade a spade will be disposed to regret it.

richarddawkinsandsamharrisandchristopherhitchensandnewatheistsandatheism-1733687Indeed, they are gaining ground, the rise of atheism in America is being celebrated as of late.

The above was published in July 9, 1880 AD (“Atheists, Deists, and Agnostics – The Popular Odium Which Attaches to Certain Names,” The New York Times).