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Abortion and Homosexual Marriage – The Faulty Correlation | True Freethinker

During a brief respite from my critique of Rev. Dr. Mel White’s assertions about homosexuality, Christianity and the Bible I posted the essay below, on abortion.

Interestingly, this past weekend I read an article that drew a wholly fallacious correlation between homosexuality and abortion. Thus, I thought to make mention of it before continuing on with Rev. Dr. Mel White.

Ellen Goodman wrote an article entitled, “Women Who Abort Retreating to Closet.” She correlates homosexual marriage with abortion in claiming that one is becoming increasingly accepted and out closeted while the other is becoming increasingly obscured by a closet door that is at best, ajar.


She writes:

“_how fast attitudes toward gay right have changed. And how fast the public image of gays has gone from San Francisco flamboyance to suburban sobriety_Stanford law professor Pam Karlan was the first to compare changes in the last two decades. ‘Gays have come out of the closet,’ she said, ‘and women who’ve had abortions have gone back into the closet.’ The long slow process of ‘coming out’ means that today nearly everyone knows someone who is gay_The long slow process of ‘going back in’ has meant, in Karlan’s words, that ‘we don’t always know that we know someone who’s had an abortion.’ Has the invisibility of these women made it easier to chip away at their rights?

Interestingly enough, Ellen Goodman employs the term “abortion” without defining to what she is referring. Thus when she writes, “The analogy is far from perfect, a I will hear from every pro-life reader who equates abortion with murder” what other option are we left with? Abortion is, on one level, taking purposeful actions which seek to ensure that a human being is kept from living out their lives. This action which is specifically meant to end a human life is referred to as a “right.” A right that is right along side of a right to marriage, according to Ellen Goodman. As a person who loves homosexuals I find this shockingly offensive.

Ellen Goodman continues,

“Yale historian George Chauncey says, ‘There are_almost no sympathetic characters who are getting abortions.’ Hollywood’s heroines from ‘Juno’ to ‘Waitress’ to ‘Knocked Up’ barely think about it.

How sad, Hollywood think about abortion but not enough. Considering that in abortion we are, typically, dealing with the purposeful and brutal murder of a beautiful, healthy, innocent and defenseless human baby-how is such an act supposed to inspire sympathy? Well, it inspires sympathy for the little baby. Where is concern for the baby in Hollywood.

Ellen Goodman continues,

“Moreover, the narrative of same-sex marriage ends with the sound of a champagne bottle popping at a wedding. An abortion, on the other hand, may be followed by an assortment of emotions, but certainly not joy.

What does she propose that an abortion end with friends and family in the clinic sipping champagne and taking family photos? Family photos minus one actually. Does she propose that gay marriage ceremonies end in a blood soaked clinic with the mutilated corpse of a human being, being disposed of like so much outdated ground beef?
Who knows, but now you can see the appeal of the post below on “Sacred Abortion” which turns a subhuman, inhumane, inhuman act into a ritual blessing.

Ellen Goodman continues,

“Abortion was legalized on the grounds of the right to privacy. And so it remains private. But the more private it is, the more we think it only happens to someone else, someone ‘unlike us.’ The more unlike us she is, the less public support there is for the right.
Abortion rights slip away as the woman slips out of sight. Here is the conundrum in the closet. For all the lingering opposition to same-sex marriage, being gay is losing its stigma. Having an abortion is being more deeply stigmatized.”

Perhaps it should be explained this simply to Ellen Goodman: gay marriage is when two like gendered people who love each other make a legal/spiritual commitment to spend their lives together-no one dies.
Abortion is when a woman somehow finds herself pregnant even though she did not want to be pregnant and since the beautiful little baby in her womb is viewed as an obstacle to her she works hard to earn enough money to hire a “doctor” to make sure that the person whom she knows is within her doe not continue living-no spending a life in love together.

While abortion is one of the, if no the most deplorable act that human being have ever conceived women who had abortions still need love and forgiveness.

Thank our Lord God and Savior the Messiah Jesus for offering forgiveness-He will forgive you.