Month: August 2010

Are there atheist ethics?

My conclusion is that each/any/every/all materialistic/atheistic/naturalistic moral/ethical concepts are immoral/unethical. There, is that enough synonyms? Just want to make sure I cover my bases. How and why? Because no materialistic/atheistic/naturalistic moral/ethical concepts provide justice and are therefore, themselves, unjust and are therefore, themselves, immoral/unethical. But how can this be considering that many judicial systems in …

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Is Dan Barker Self Loathing?, part 1 of 2

I only imagined pondering the question due to the very fact that Dan Barker is that which he detests. He does not seem to recognize that he exhibits very same characteristics which he condemns in others. Perhaps self loathing is too great an inference (even conceptually) yet, hypocritical and contradictory most certainly fit the bill.

Pray for PZ Myers

Anti-Christian atheist activist PZ Myers has just undergone cardiac surgery. Please pray for his spiritual and physical well being and recovery.

“Extramarital sex leads to earthquakes”

In keeping with the very reason that the New Atheist movement has discredited itself and is conceptually dead—their unwillingness to take on Islam (see elucidation of this point at this link)—I wonder…oh, how I wonder…