Month: February 2007

Atheism’s Sects

Adherents of atheism may be categorized into various sects and sub-sects. Jeffery Jay Lowder has written: the “atheist” movement keeps shooting itself in the foot by failing to reach a consensus regarding the meaning of “atheism.” Sect 1:

Atheism’s Theistic Concepts

Despite their dogmatic assertion that there is no God, Atheism has, nonetheless, produced a plethora of theistic concepts. These concepts have one thing in common-they are not theological concepts in the strict sense but are rather conveniently concocted concepts that are built in order to be torn down (a straw man argument).

Morality’s Reality

Atheists generally claim that morality is either derived form nature or is a human invention. This may be better stated as a human concept derived from nature through evolution. Deriving one’s morality from nature is a very dangerous thing to do.